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Virtual Open House for True North Homeschool Academy

Education is an ever-evolving journey, especially when it comes to homeschooling. You're invited to a virtual open house.

Finding the right resources, curriculum, and support can make a world of difference. If you're seeking an educational compass that aligns with your family's values and needs, mark your calendar for November 14th at 6 pm CST. True North Homeschool Academy (TNHA) is inviting you to an exclusive Virtual Open House, and this is your chance to discover what sets this academy apart.

Lisa Nehring, along with the TNHA educators Melissa Grande, Anna Knaub, and Becky Lundgren, will be your guides for a behind-the-scenes exploration of True North Homeschool Academy. This event promises an in-depth look into the heart of TNHA, aiming to provide insights into what makes this online school for homeschooling families a favorite choice for over 250 families.

During this open house, attendees will delve into a wide array of topics.

From understanding the enrollment process to exploring the brand new courses and the cherished family favorites, you'll receive an exclusive scoop on the offerings. The event also focuses on crucial aspects such as crafting a comprehensive 4-year high school plan, covering essentials in junior high, and the significance of electives in creating a well-rounded transcript.

The session won't just be a one-way conversation.

True North Homeschool Academy invites you to participate in a live Q&A, encouraging attendees to bring forth all their burning questions. Whether you're curious about specific classes, the approach to homeschooling, or seeking advice for your unique situation, the team is there to provide clarity and support.

Registration is essential for this immersive experience. Don't miss the opportunity to engage with Lisa and the team while receiving a special thank-you gift for attending. Bring along a friend and your favorite cuppa, and get ready for an insightful evening.

For those eager to start their journey with TNHA but need immediate guidance, a complimentary advising appointment with Mrs. Tamara Pool is available, offering real-time assistance to kickstart your homeschooling adventure.

Take the first step toward a vibrant homeschooling journey by registering for this event.

Embrace the opportunity to explore, inquire, and discover the possibilities that await you with TNHA.

Join the Virtual Open House on November 14th, and let True North Homeschool Academy be your guiding star in the realm of homeschool education. See you there!

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