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The Hard Choice

The Hard Choice for all Parents: Education

Education is one of the most important issues a parent will face. Where with the education take place, who will give the instruction, what is the cost in terms of time, effort and money. When I was growing up the choices were public or private school.


These days there are more than two choices- now days parents can choose from

  • public
  • private
  • homeschool
  • academic tutoring centers
  • on-line classes
  • co-ops
  • combinations of any of the above.

For the past many years, our “homeschool” has consisted of co-ops, academic class days, private lessons and on-line classes. It’s been a rich, personalized and challenging scholastic environment.


Changing things up keeps things fresh and new. Our academic co-op and on-line classes have allowed our kids to take classes from qualified instructors around the country (and sometimes out of it!) and by outsourcing some classes, I’ve been able to work from home (sometimes full time) while still homeschooling.

The First Law of the Teacher

I love homeschooling, and I’ve joked for many years that the subject areas I’m good at, my kids are great at. The ones I’m not so great at, well, let’s just say that the First Law of the Teacher kicks in (you know, the one that says you can’ teach what you don’t know). I love the opportunities on-line learning affords my kids. This year my son has taken upper level math from a teacher in Spain. In the fall, my daughter will take Hebrew from a Rabbi in Israel. The world is smaller than we think and technology allows us to reach out and touch, and learn, quickly and easily from others.

Have you taken many on-line classes? What have been your favorite?

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