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Thankful for Series

Thankful for Series can be found over at Minneesota Girl!  Several years ago, just after moving to the state where we currently live, we had the very great honor of inviting TeenPact to establish a state class here, and as a result, got to meet and work with Tim Echols, the founder of TeenPact. I was just looking for an amazing camp with a purpose and some great experiences for my kids. TeenPact provided all of that and more, but this post is about Freedom, far more than TeenPact. (if you are looking for a great class on politics, check out our Politics, Philosophy and Economics class).

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But first, TeenPact. It’s a week-long camp during your state’s Legislative Sessions that is part politics, part world-view, part convention, part inspiration, part hard work and a whole lot of fun that teaches your kids that regardless of their age or ability, they can make a positive impact on the world.

TeenPact and it’s alumni camps have afforded our family many unique opportunities, including travel, college scholarships and more, as well as, most importantly, long lasting relationships.

Interested in seeing the rest of this post?  Visit the series over at Minnesota Country Girl.

Are you a thankful homeschool parent? One of the best things about homeschooling is the ability to study politics together as a family. #homeschooling #politics #TrueNorthHomeschoolAcademy

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