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Teacher Profile

Ethan Nehring

High School Teacher

Ethan Nehring teaches Latin I through True North Homeschool Academy as well as several Clubs, including Young Men's Club.

About Ethan

Mr. Ethan Nehring was homeschooled from pre-school through high school graduation and is currently studying Humanities at a Classical College. He enjoys forging worlds with drawing and writing, battling his foes in board games and LARPing, reading history and fiction. He has been a Latin student for several years and has received a Perfect, SummaCumLaude and MagnaCumLaude on Latin National Exams. He is the state Student Rep for CUFI.




My daughter loves her Latin class! We are also excited about using the new Latin Helps Booklet! It is a great learning and review resource. I like how it provides different levels of blank charts so the student can progress through memorizing, filling in blanks, and then recreating the whole chart. We will be using it a lot in the weeks/years to come.

Jessica L.

Homeschooling parent