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Deirdre Mansel

Teacher Profile

Deirdre Mansel

Deirdre is a teacher at True North Homeschool Academy. 

About Deirdre


Deirdre is married to Richard Mansel who is a preacher. She has three daughters, one is adopted. She and her husband work as house parents at a Christian children’s home caring for girls ages 5-19. Together they have had over 30 foster children.


Deirdre enjoys studying her Bible, reading and doing crafts. She also enjoys writing and hopes to be a published author in the future. She has too many fish tanks and enjoys caring for her fish. She also enjoys hanging out with her dog, a Peekapoo named Zizi.


Deirdre is veteran who served in the United States Air Force repairing the weather equipment used by the Hurricane Hunters. She also served in the Army for a period of five years and is now medically retired. Deirdre holds a Master of Education in Special Education and a Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy. She has worked as a special education teacher as a high school co-teacher and in adapted curriculum teaching students with autism, traumatic brain injury and Down syndrome. She has a passion for helping students overcome challenges in education.