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Charlotte Cantrell

Teacher Profile

Charlotte Cantrell

Adapted Learning Teacher

About Charlotte

Charlotte lives in the beautiful state of South Carolina with her husband Josh, and their two children.  She has a deep love for all animals, especially her three cats.  Her family spent years being a host family for international students, and this has given them a passion for learning about other cultures- including the cuisine!  They love cooking together and exploring local Asian and Indian groceries.


Homeschooling Experience

Charlotte has been homeschooling her children for the past eight years, and she would not have it any other way.  She loves that she can instill a love of learning in her children, and that she can also learn alongside them.  They have been active participants in a classical homeschool co-op, where she has tutored for years.
Professional Degrees & Experience
Charlotte graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor’s degree in Retail Management and a Master’s degree in International Tourism Management.  Since leaving the corporate world, she found her passion in education.  She spent over four years teaching ESL, and she also assisted in creating and editing curriculum for ESL students.  She spent three years as a virtual field trip host for a Chinese company: writing and producing her own dialogue along with her husband, and traveling to different locations to film documentary-style videos.


  • special needs academic advising for homeschoolers

    Special Needs Academic Counseling

  • Organzing your writing is a bridge class for struggling learners. Online homeschool class with TNHA.

    Organizing Your Writing

  • Sale! Executive Functioning Skills live online class for homeschoolers

    Executive Functioning Skills

  • Adapted English I online class for struggling learners

    Adapted English I

  • Organizing Your Writing II will focus on teaching students in grades 6-12 to write with competence and ease. Different forms of writing can be a hard and frustrating task for struggling students. This course will help students approach their drafts and published writings with confidence. Students often need encouragement and guidance to articulate their thoughts while expressing ideas on paper. Students will learn the basics of simple essay writing in a non-stressful environment.

    Organizing Your Writing II

  • Adapted Bundle for struggling learner homeschoolers

    Adapted Bundle

  • High School Spelling and Grammar will cover a variety of spelling and grammar tips and techniques in 30 weekly class sessions. Students will complete multiple assignments each week to explore phonics, word origins and roots, dictionary skill/vocabulary builders, grammar and punctuation rules, and sentence diagramming — with a bit of cursive writing/penmanship thrown in.

    High School Spelling and Grammar

  • Adapted English 2 live online class Adapted English 2 for struggling learner homeschoolers

    Adapted English 2

  • adapted classes for high school students who are struggling

    Adapted Science

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