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Catalina Garcia teaches Spanish and elementary math at True North Homeschool Academy.

Catalina Garcia


I highly recommend Mrs. Garcia’s Spanish classes! My kids enjoyed them so much and were really inspired to practice and learn more. She is an enthusiastic teacher and her excitement for the language is evident in the way she interacts with the students. She has a background in classical education and is thoughtful in how she presents her lessons and reviews with the students. Class is never dull or repetitive- she always has new and fun things for the kids to do and she gives them lots of opportunities to practice out loud with each other. We love Maestra Garcia!

Casey B.

Parent Student at TNHA

Cat Garcia is an amazing teacher! Her emphasis on correct pronunciation was so helpful and she knew how to pace the class so that we were able to understand the grammar. I recommend Mrs. Garcia to everyone I know who is interested in taking Spanish

Barbara B.

Parent of Student at TNHA

My children have really enjoyed Maestra Garcia’s class. She provides instruction through fun games in class and catchy songs to help memorize words in Spanish. My children love to sing the songs and use the new vocabulary they learned each week. I would highly recommend her Spanish classes.


Parent of Student at TNHA

We are so thankful for Mrs. Garcia! She makes learning Spanish fun by playing games, singing songs, and reading books together. She keeps the kids engaged and she is instrumental in educating our kids in a foreign language

Kelli F.

Parent of Student at TNHA

Mrs. Garcia does a great job of being organized and prepared for class. She keeps the kids engaged and focused which can be a hard task with virtual classes. She brings an outgoing attitude and friendly demeanor to every class. We have really enjoyed learning with Mrs. Garcia!


Parent of Student at TNHA

Maestra Garcia is immensely knowledgeable and goes above and beyond to make the class engaging and enjoyable. I have learned so much in the past year and a half. She uses different modes of learning to ensure that we grasp the material being taught — from videos and worksheets to songs and games. I am so grateful for Maestra Garcia’s class and I am looking forward to continuing to learn from her


Parent of Student at TNHA

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