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Teacher Profile

Beth Purcell

Elementary Writing

About Beth

Mrs. Purcell loves helping to shape young minds, partnering with others to create positive change in education, and crafting expression through written words. She believes we are each uniquely designed with special talents and abilities and that we have a responsibility to fully utilize all that we have been gifted!

Education is a high priority to Mrs. Purcell. She wants to help all of her students achieve! She loves literature of all genres, and Mrs. Purcell loves painting pictures with words! To her, writing is a unique form of communication and expression that reveals much about an individual.

Living in South Carolina, Mrs. Purcell enjoys spending days filled with laughter and love with her husband and two children. They love boating on Lake Keowee, cheering their favorite football teams (Go Dawgs!), attending church, and taking in all that Greenville has to offer! Mrs. Purcell’s son graduated from Clemson (M.S. Microbiology and Biomedicine), and her daughter graduated from Arizona State (M.A. in Educational Studies). Life is never dull at Chez Purcell!

Professional Degrees & Experience

Mrs. Purcell has extensive experience in virtual education – from both sides of the computer! Her children were students in the inaugural class of South Carolina’s first approved cyber charter school in 2008. Her daughter completed virtual high school and continued online learning through college.

Currently teaching middle school writing and high school English Composition, Mrs. Purcell uses virtual instruction in addition to in-person classes at her local homeschool co-op, the largest in Upstate South Carolina. She is also a personal learning coach to several students.

Mrs. Purcell has a degree in English from the University of South Carolina with some post-graduate work toward a Master’s at Northwestern University in Louisiana. A former public school teacher, she has worked with all types of learners. Mrs. Purcell is a registered certified instructor with the Institute of Excellence in Writing (IEW).

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