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5 Reasons to Love Live Homeschool Classes

5 Reasons to Love Live Homeschool Classes

We all know that homeschooling is fantastic right?  I mean, we can tailor our children’s education to their specific needs.  There’s also plenty of time to be spent together, meaning that we can build deep and lasting bonds with our children.  However, if we are honest, there can be some downsides.  Group projects are hard to come by, and sometimes it’s hard to instill a sense of deadlines and responsibilities that come with a group school setting.  So what’s the remedy?  Live homeschool classes of course!  See five reasons why we love live homeschool classes.

(So what if you are ALL for live homeschool classes but there are none offered near you?  True North Homeschool Academy has a solution for that too!  Keep reading.)

The first reason to love live homeschool classes is the fellowship.

This is often an overlooked aspect of live online classes and one of the big differences between live and self-paced or pre-recorded classes. At True North Homeschool Academy our students can see and hear the teacher and each other.  They know each other’s names and even work in small groups in our zoom break-out rooms.

They have a sense of community and fellowship with classmates in a controlled, adult-directed setting.  A setting that is geared toward academic growth, and based on Judeo-Christian values. For instance, in our Writing Club, the kids regularly send each other their writing outside of class for critique and evaluation. Kids are meeting and growing in relationships with teachers and students around the country — and outside of it!

Another great reason to love live homeschool classes is that they provide accountability.

Live online classes require that your student shows up ready and prepared at regularly appointed times. Given assignments have deadlines and our teachers provide a rubrics and standards of expectations. Students learn to understand the importance of a Syllabus, how to use it, and how to negotiate if they can’t meet deadlines.

The Goldilocks Principle makes another case for live homeschool classes.

The Goldilocks Principle is an often overlooked and powerful principal! This principle simply means that people yearn for novelty and new challenges. Kids want to be pushed to explore and expand beyond what they know in a way that allows them to excel- not too easy, not too difficult, just right. Live, online learning can help you achieve that sweet spot.

At True North Homeschool Academy, our teachers have taught in a variety of classroom settings for a long time.  They understand how to personalize the material.  This personalization means that students who are struggling can continue to grow and excel, while students that are ready for more significant challenges can take off and fly fast. Our classes are personalized and prepared to accommodate students so that they can excel, regardless of their starting point.

Live homeschool classes can also help your students acclimate to someone else’s standards.

Let’s face it, as homeschooling mommas, sometimes we give our kids a lot of leeways. Maybe too much. If our kids don’t make our deadlines or perform up to our standards, they know we are still going to love them, and they probably will still “pass.” In fact, one of my daughter’s friends in college told her that she was “spoiled” because she got to learn to mastery- never having suffered through a failed test or deadline.

Having an external person to be accountable to can take a lot of pressure off of both parents and students. Our expectations are clearly stated at the beginning of each class and students know where to find the syllabus. Students receive regular feedback and assessments, and our teachers are available to talk with parents through each course.  Instructors also give semester and year-end grades, along with a Certificate of Achievement, upon course completion. Because class standards and expectations are clearly stated ahead of time students get no surprises and can work towards stated expectations, knowing that they’ve accomplished along the way.  Sometimes this falls by the wayside with busy homeschool parents.

Finally, live online classes can help your homeschool student become more tech savvy.

At True North Homeschool Academy, we utilize tech that your students will encounter in college, like Zoom Rooms and Moodle. Our teachers spend time allowing the kids to explore and use the tech we have at our disposal, such as electronic chats, hand raising, break-out rooms, and whiteboard capabilities. Students learn about email, how to submit homework electronically and how to interact with teachers who live in different time zones and perhaps in different countries. Students learn first hand about the valuable and beautiful connections tech provides.  These tech skills will serve them well for life.

So now, what if you are convinced that live homeschool classes are something that you HAVE to have in your homeschool, but you are MILES from even the closest co-op?  Well, True North Homeschool Academy has a solution for you!  We offer live ONLINE homeschool courses.  And we hate to brag, but they are kind of amazing.  We have top-notch technology, amazing teachers, and a fantastic course line-up.  Don’t just take our word for it, check it all out today in our course catalog!

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