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Essential Tips to Homeschool High School

Essential Tips to Homeschool High School

You Can Homeschool High School

Homeschooling High School can be intimidating, to be sure. But, for some reason, you are or have considered it, and you are ready to take the plunge! Many people are intimidated by homeschooling High School because they feel like they can’t cover all of the subject areas adequately.

Why are we so afraid?

Well truthfully, for most of us, it HAS been years since we took Algebra.  We might never have been that good at writing, or we don’t have a good handle on history or science. And seriously, WHAT is a credit and how do we create a Master Plan of Action to get through these next couple of years with our strong-willed, bored, lazy, overly compliant, non-compliant, willful, just wants to read all the time, hates math, never wants to read ever, delightful, funny, sleeping all the time, hungry ALL the time teenager?!  Honestly, it’s enough to make anyone’s head spin!

The good news, actually the GREAT news is, that homeschooling high school has never been easier. Resources and materials for homeschooling High School have exploded in the last couple of years, making it possible to craft an academically rigorous, delight-directed, interest-led, affordable program for your teen!

So what are these resources, and where do you find them?

Online Learning

Online resources are more diverse and range from free to expensive, with amazing content and quality. Some classes are live, some are pre-recorded, and some are animated. We’ve done our fair share of online courses ranging from Latin National Exam prep, Math, Greek, Pre-law, Marine Biology, Chemistry, and more. Online classes can fill in areas that you aren’t prepared or qualified to teach.

Local Homeschool Groups

Closer to home, most cities have a plethora of homeschool class days, co-ops, and academic programs that are inexpensive to participate in and easily accessible. Our regional Homeschool Facebook page lists area groups and contact information. Many of us are involved in more than one group at a time, depending on our schedules and kids’ interests.  Additionally, area points of interest have begun to offer homeschool-specific programs, such as our local Outdoor Campus.

Having homeschooled in different areas of the country, it’s been my experience that the local homeschool community usually develops its own culture and unique offerings. We know of one large city that hosts a huge Homeschool Prom. Our smaller city hosts a yearly dinner dance, and we also have a rich and diverse theater program for kids of all ages, with Drama Camp,  a yearly festival of One-Act Plays, and a Shakespeare Camp, where kids perform a full-length Shakespeare Camp!

Online Support Groups

Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Then there’s probably a group online that can help you out. Other homeschooling moms are extremely helpful, and more than likely there’s one out there who can answer your questions. A simple Facebook (or Google) search will likely lead you to a wide variety of online homeschooling groups.  There all your questions can be answered. Don’t skip this valuable resource!

(Are you looking for a fantastic online support group?  Check out the Help Homeschooling High School group on Facebook.)

How does one take advantage of all of the amazing possibilities open to homeschoolers these days?  You create a learning plan.

In my opinion, having helped hundreds of homeschoolers from around the world as an Academic Advisor, the most straightforward way to get through high school is to create a learning plan. This plan should include academics, family values, extracurricular, sports, and more!

If you need help with this, check out our Academic Advising package! We provide credit evaluation, a Personalized Learning Plan, standardized testing, vocational testing, and more!

Questions Answers Signage

Homeschooling High School can be such a rich, rewarding experience with the right plan and resources. Lucky for all of us, they are more available than ever before!


Get your homeschool high school plan on track with our Homeschool Highschool? HELP! Bootcamp Challenge. With a daily email with a video from Lisa Nehring, a workbook, and a Facebook group for support, you’ll be confident you can homeschool high school in no time. 

Homeschooling in the Age of Technology

Homeschooling in the Age of Technology

Homeschooling in the Age of Technology

Homeschool in the Age of Technology looks different than it did when we started homeschooling, years ago. Back then, pagers were cutting edge technology and laptops were still a thing of the not too distant future. We lived in Los Angels, which is a far cry from the Great Plains that we now call home. Our fields, which had been dumping grounds for years are cleaned up and are being leased out or hayed There is a such a wholesome sense of satisfaction when things are productive and doing what they are meant to be doing!

In much the same way, we are so excited to be offering classes through True North Homeschool Academy. We have amazing teachers that will be doing what they do best- teaching from their heart about subject matters that matter most to them. Our teachers are old school, in that they believe in the fundamentals of learning, and at the same time they are utilizing the beauty of technology to expand their reach.

Just like our acreage is not your typical couple of acres with a new build, True North is not your typical on-line academy. Just a few things that make us uniquely qualified to come alongside of you as you homeschool your 8th-12th grade student.

On-line Experience

True North has been on-line for about 10 years as Homeschool Works 4 U. While on-line schools are sprouting up everyone, you can rest assured that you are getting experience and know how with True North Homeshcool Academy.

Experience as Homeschoolers

We have decades of experience as homeschoolers. Our teachers have for the most part, been homeschooled themselves, have homeschooled or are currently homeschooling. We know the beauties, joys and stresses of doing what you are doing.

Experience as Educators

We have decades of experience teaching. While most of us work professionally in our fields, we love teaching and choose to teach when our “day jobs” are done. We take great joy in students getting concepts, growing beyond their starting points and making connections. For True North Homeschool Academy teachers, teaching is a passion and a joy. We love being able to offer what we know!

Men & Women on Faculty

We have a great mix of men and women on our faculty! I’ve worked in Social Services long enough to say, gender differences are a real thing and older kids need a good mix of mature, Godly men and women in their lives to grow and develop well. We have amazing talented men on board, and amazing, talented women on board. Many homeschooled kids only have women as teachers until they graduate. I’m not disparaging that at all, because, hey, I’m a woman. But men approach things differently, have different expectations and provide different experiences. Anyone who has seen Dads throw their little kids up into the air, versus watching Mom’s cuddling their little kids can attest to this!

The education that our government schools are offering is lacking in many areas. I talked to a teacher in Arizona this week who said she retired early for the simple fact that she was afraid to go to school each day due to violence. When our kids feel fearful, they can’t learn. When teachers feel fearful, they can’t teach. More and more families are turning to homeschooling to keep their kids safe.

Homeshooling is a great solution, but not without it’s challenges. I’ve said for years that the things I’m good at, my kids excel at, but my areas of struggle are my kids area of struggle. Honestly, I’ve needed help as our kids have entered high school and gone beyond what I know and or have the time and inclination to learn.

Thanks to the world wide web, we are not alone in our struggles anymore! I am super excited that my daughter will be taking Algebra II from George McBride this year, Latin II with Gus Henebry and Hebrew with Arthur Fischer. She will be getting world class instruction from men who excel in areas that I don’t. And she’ll still be taking Expo and Comp and Rhetoric and Bible with me. I get the areas I love and have fun with and am outsourcing areas I don’t – it’s  a win-win for everyone!

I hope you’ll join us this year as you redeem your own kids education. Our great joy is to come alongside you as you create something beautiful, true and good in your own family.

Lisa Nehring lives in a 1920’s restored farmhouse surrounded by family antiques and many books, reaching out to homeschoolers around the world via the age of technology. She teaches Literature and Composition, Writing Club, Academic Advising and Coaching.


Blended Learning- It just makes Cents!

Blended Learning- It just makes Cents!

Blended Learning is every savvy homeschoolers secret weapon. Blended learning is a homeschool wave of the future, which I hope you are taking advantage of!

What exactly IS blended learning?

  • Digitally delivered course work
  • Experienced in real time
  • On-going interaction between student and instructor

Live on-line classes. Boy- howdy! This means that you can take advantage of someone’s expertise from a different time zone, culture, place and language. The world, is literally, at your fingertips!

We are taking advantage of this amazing opportunity at True North Homeschool Academy. Our Hebrew teacher and Hebrew History, Conversation and Culture teacher is a Rabbi, editor and actor, who lives in Israel with his wife and kids. Our Latin I and Classics teacher is a Classics major, who is also working towards a Master’s degree in the upper Midwest. Our Spanish teacher lives in Tex-Mex country, along with one of our English teachers and our Math teachers reside in two different states, both of them working in the tech industry. I could go on, but you get the idea; these are exciting times!

Homeschooling has always been possible anywhere, anytime, but being able to access quality classes from any subject area at the push of a button hasn’t always been so easy.

Some might say the cost is too high. But don’t think for a moment that sending your kids to public school exempts you from shelling out money, think again.  I’ve heard about crazy fees and supply lists that add up quickly regardless of if your kid attends public or private school; not to mention the plethora of fund raisers kids are expected to participate in. Let’s face it, (and this coming from the never pay full price queen), education costs either time or money and oftentimes both.

But, seriously, let’s break down the cost so that we can be clear about what you are getting. A live on-line class, with an expert and dedicated teacher at True North Homeschool Academy, tests, assessment and final grade costs $330. That’s 32 weeks of Dedication for $10.31 per week.

For the cost of 2 Starbucks a week you can have quality instruction taking place in the privacy of your home, for literally pennies on the private tutoring dollar (believe me, I know of what I speak- a few years ago I was paying $45 per hour for high school level math tutoring and hoping each week that the tutor actually showed up)!

In my economy, a weekly 60 minute class- taught by a teacher that KNOWS their subject matter. The first law of teacher, y’all, is that the teacher knows their material, and while I’m not disparaging local co-ops, we’ve had our fair share of Chemistry classes among other things “taught” by moms, such as myself, that know literally nothing about chemistry.

Furthermore, our classes are small, which means personalized attention. We have, literally, decades of experience in the homeschool world, which means that no matter what circumstance you are coming from, we’ve probably already encountered it.

$10.31 per hour class. That’s not just a good deal. That’s a great deal!



Go For Launch

Go For Launch

Go For Launch

Go For Launch – we are ready to go and hope that you, our faithful HomeschoolWorks4U students and families are ready to join in! Welcome new True North Homeschool Academy students and families! We have a phenomenal special going on right now to re-introduce who we are!

$100 off every full year, live on-line class. !You read that right! $100 off! Use the code LAUNCH at check-out!

NO Registration fees for the entire year!

Take an additional 10% off your order when you purchase two or more classes at a time (they don’t even have to be for the same student!)

Every one who purchases a live on-line class between now and the end of July will be entered to win ONE FREE LIVE On-Line class.

You’ve known and loved Homeschool Works4U classes, based on the Principle Approach. True North Homeschool Academy is going to build on a firm foundation and offer more high school classes, a new Junior High School program and so many elementary classes, by popular demand. We also have multiple Foreign languages and amazing electives. Expect practical classes that will prepare your kids for adulthood, like solid writing, math and science, but also job prep for the gig economy ahead, like Orienteering, Entrepreneurship and Photoshop.

We are offering the same great exceptional value you’ve come to know and trust, with a wider variety of world class teachers, an international community and fun and fascinating classes!

We’ll hope you’ll join us on this grand adventure as we Go For Launch! To what’s ahead!


The Hard Choice

The Hard Choice

The Hard Choice

The Hard Choice for all Parents: Education

Education is one of the most important issues a parent will face. Where with the education take place, who will give the instruction, what is the cost in terms of time, effort and money. When I was growing up the choices were public or private school.


These days there are more than two choices- now days parents can choose from

  • public
  • private
  • homeschool
  • academic tutoring centers
  • on-line classes
  • co-ops
  • combinations of any of the above.

For the past many years, our “homeschool” has consisted of co-ops, academic class days, private lessons and on-line classes. It’s been a rich, personalized and challenging scholastic environment.


Changing things up keeps things fresh and new. Our academic co-op and on-line classes have allowed our kids to take classes from qualified instructors around the country (and sometimes out of it!) and by outsourcing some classes, I’ve been able to work from home (sometimes full time) while still homeschooling.

The First Law of the Teacher

I love homeschooling, and I’ve joked for many years that the subject areas I’m good at, my kids are great at. The ones I’m not so great at, well, let’s just say that the First Law of the Teacher kicks in (you know, the one that says you can’ teach what you don’t know). I love the opportunities on-line learning affords my kids. This year my son has taken upper level math from a teacher in Spain. In the fall, my daughter will take Hebrew from a Rabbi in Israel. The world is smaller than we think and technology allows us to reach out and touch, and learn, quickly and easily from others.

Have you taken many on-line classes? What have been your favorite?

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