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The Horacio “The Best is Yet to Come” 2022 Dream Planner Review

The Horacio “The Best is Yet to Come” 2022 Dream Planner Review

I’m a planner. And a paper and pen kind of planner at that. I’m a sucker for a great planner and have tried many with Bullet Journals being the clear winner for several years.

I’m a minimalist BuJu Gal, so my journals are practical, well-loved and USED. I usually double side them- calendar on one side, and notes, goals and ideas on the other. I have Bullet Journals from years ago that I often refer back to. So, think practical and hard-working BuJu’s, but not so pretty. By the end of the year they are beat to death moleskins that I got every ounce of life out of!

More Than Just A Pretty Planner

I do like pretty, but I am also busy, so beautifying my Bullet Journals just doesn’t happen. Any decoration is purely accidental and usually involves spills of some sort. So, when the opportunity to review the Horacio 2022 Dream Planner came along, I was all in, with the distant hope of practical AND pretty.

Also, have I mentioned I’m a sucker for subscription boxes and generally just love personal mail! The Horacio 2022 Dream Planner “The Best is Yet to Come” box did not disappoint.

This planner arrived like a gift, with tissue paper and plenty of goodies inside:

  • beautiful gold pen
  • printed canvas draw string bag to store the planner in – or goodies you collect along life’s way as you are living your plan
  • a small printed journal, perfect for your bed stand and filled with inspiring scripture verse, beautifully done in calligraphy
  • a couple of super cool postcards
  • and finally, the Journal

Y’all. I’m kind of smitten. The Horacio Journal is a hard back, blush leather journal. It’s pretty and practical. It’s the high quality every hard working momma needs from a practical point of view, but also beautiful, to both touch and look at. That’s a “winner, winner, chicken dinner” in my world!

What’s Inside the Journal?

Did I mention that this is a hard working journal? Pretty inside and out and chock full of goodness, including my favorite calendar features!  

In the front of the journal is a “Welcome” letter which states, “our goal is to support you, encourage you and challenge you to DREAM BIG with God. At the bottom of the Welcome letter is a scan-able code, to take you to an online community to dream with.

Next, “Dream Planning,” – a page dedicated to reminding you to seek the Lord as you “Dream, Listen, Plan and Pray.” Following that is 4 pages of “Personal Growth” – assessing where you are at, where you want to go, and a page to declare your hopes and dreams for the future.

Next are pages to guide you as you assess where you are at right now, which I love. It’s so important to look back so that you know where to invest, to reach your goals!

Two of my favorite pages are “Generosity Planning” pages. They focus on who you are praying for, making time for and giving to and then “Heart Check” which focuses on letting go, forgiving and taking inventory of fears that are holding you back.

The following pages focus on letting the Love of God conquer specific fears in your life, with a short list of how to take each fear captive and turn it over to God for His refining purpose! This is a planner that encourages and inspires you to live your faith in a purposeful and intentional way.

Did I mention I LOVE this planner?

And Now, The Planner Pages

Finally, the scheduling portion; beginning with a year at a glance. Then, there is a short section on “Seasons” focusing on the New Season of Winter. And then, drum-roll, please there is a Month Overview and THEN- a two page spread per week.

The left hand side has bullets to personalize, dot grids on the bottom, scripture verses, and month in review. The planner’s right-hand side sections are subtly color-coordinated with dot grids. A monthly page lets you add “Praise Reports” and “Notes.”

I LOVE this layout- the calendar view month at a glance, followed by a 2 page spread per week. I’ve been looking for this spread for years, to no avail, which is why I end up making my own each year.

At the end of every quarter are several pages dedicated to a prayer; what you are believing for and then Generosity Planning and Heart Checks, Personal Growth and 90 day goals. Scripture verses, written calligraphy style, are tastefully sprinkled throughout the pages of this delightful, beautiful journal.

It’s the Bullet Journal I want to create each year, but don’t, sans the coffee stains and hastily scribbled notes and scripture verses, brilliant quotes and dreams casting. It’s the Bullet Journal I’ve now found and love.  

It’s a Keeper – And A Wonderful Gift Idea!

So, true story, I rarely write reviews anymore; though I really love writing reviews- its’ a time thing. When I choose to review a product, I often gift it when I am done. That is what I intended to do with the Horacio 2022 The Best is Yet to Come Planner. But this one, I’m keeping.

And I’m buying more for a few family members for Christmas gifts. I love it that much. It’s a keeper. It’s a winner. It’s what I’ve been looking for. Go check it out. It’s the Planner you’ve probably been looking for, too!  

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Oh, and the postcards? A beautiful welcome letter from the creator, with a discount coupon, an invite to the Dream Planning Podcast, and finally an invite and coupon to the Virtual Dream Planners Summit.

Win a White Marble Planner!

The Horacio Printing Christian Dream Planner is your fresh blank canvas to design your life in 2022. They created it to help you build margin, reduce distractions and build a God-focused schedule. This is not just about what you have to do, it is about who you want to become. Horacio Printing has guided tutorials to help you set up every section of the planner. The best is yet to come!

Sign up to WIN a White Marble Planner at their website. The contest ends November 1st, 2021 so enter right away!