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Dreaming Englishmen and Treason

Dreaming Englishmen and Treason

Our Founding Father’s were dreaming Englishmen who committed treason. Their dream was about about a place that allowed freedom of idea, thought and expression. It was about a place where the common man could forge his or her own destiny. They believed in the hope of that dream so much they were willing to commit treason against their fatherland, family and friends.

We are political watchers in our house and we are grieved by the denegration of that dream and the easy disposal of the liberties we’ve been afforded as Americans. It’s as if because the reality isn’t a picture perfect version of the dream, the immense good that people HAVE in America should be completely thrown away.

Dreaming Englishmen and Treason

We read the Declaration of Independence on July 4. It used to be what towns and cities gathered for. To read, hear and remember. To appreciate that the liberties we experience as commoners in America are hard fought or non-existent in many places through time, history and our current landscape.

So we read, we listen, we remember. We thank God for men and women who were bold enough to be treasonous in the face of corruption and elitism, for those who dreamed of a land where we could pursue life, liberty and happiness, and that they were willing to lay down their fortunes, families and lives for this cause.

Dreaming Englishmen & Treason

It’s not a perfect place. It is not utopia. We have a long history of not living the dream for others we want so dearly for ourselves. But, in my long and involved study of history, I can still say that America is beautiful, that it is the beautifully flawed and beautifully imperfect land of the free and home of the brave. I am grateful to be an American, grateful to still hope in a dream, however imperfectly executed, that still inspires people around the globe to want to live here.

To fully understand what America is all about; dreams, flaws and all check out Humanities: U.S. Foundations– a 2 1/2 credit course including American History, American Literature and Fine Arts, taught by Cindy Brumbarger as well as Government and Economics, taught by Jeff Burdick.