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7 Reasons to Include Memory Work in Your Homeschool

7 Reasons to Include Memory Work in Your Homeschool

7 Reasons to Include Memory Work in Your Homeschool

7 Reasons to Include Memory Work in Your Homeschool will help you understand why the Classical Method of Education is on the rise and gaining in popularity among home and private schools.

What’s the draw? I believe it has to do with the fact that people realize that it’s a time-tested method of education with proven results! Perhaps you’ve have heard of the three stages of the Trivium: Grammar, Dialectic, and Rhetoric.

During the Grammar stage, the student memorizes easily and well. Some curriculum developers have capitalized on this by marketing programs that feature, almost exclusively, memory work. The beauty of this stage is to encourage memory work, while building abundance in a variety of areas, exposing children to a mixture of experiences and environments in which their minds can develop and grow. Memory work is only one aspect of an excellent education.

However, we believe that Repetitio Mater Studiorum. In other words, repetition is the mother of learning. In order to learn, one must memorize. Once we’ve remembered something, we own the information. We have done serious memory work in our home for over a decade, ranging from poetry, Shakespeare, the Bible, speeches, plays, humor, and quotes. This memorization, coupled with extensive reading, a wide array of experiences, and other excellent curriculum has provided us with a rich and fascinating education and created a love of learning in our students!

Here are our top 7 Reasons for Completing Memory Work

  1. Your brain is a muscle. If you exercise it, it will get stronger, be more flexible and be able to do things you never imagined you could! The more you memorize, the more you learn. 
  2. Teaching your child how to memorize teaches proper study skills! Memorization is discipline for the mind. Kids who can remember efficiently and well know how to think in a way that is focused and diligent. Memory work leaves sloppy laziness behind!
  3. Memory work creates a context for everything you know- no one can think or live in a vacuum, and memory work helps each person create a rich and varied setting in which new information and knowledge can live and grow! We think with the ideas that we hold in our memory. Without a rich store of memory to draw on our brains are mush!
  4. Memorizing vast amounts of information will allow you to make amazing connections across subject areas in a way that simply cross-referencing won’t do for you.
  5. If you couple memory work with logic skills (Dialectic Stage) and writing and speaking skills (Rhetorical Stage) you will be well prepared professionally, regardless of what career field you choose to enter.
  6. Memory is learning. If you haven’t memorized it, you’ve merely over-viewed it; not mastered it. To be an expert in any field requires knowledge that you own. A.K.A. knowledge you’ve memorized!
  7. Maturity and wisdom demand that we learn grow and develop. Referencing Google or Wikipedia won’t lead us to maturity or wisdom. We must know (learn and memorize), understand and discern to grow in maturity and wisdom.

At True North Homeschool Academy, we’ll be offering a memory-based program for your K-7th graders; Classical Memory and More, with Claritas. This program will cover Timeline, History sentences, English and Latin grammar, Geography, Math, Bible, and Hymns. We use Cross Seven Memory work and LOVE It!

If you are not sure where to start on this great adventure of memory work, in other words, learning; join our Classical Memory and More class for inspiration, mnemonics and more!

Why do we love this program so much? Because it teaches kids how to think, how to learn and builds their understanding of the world around them!

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Do you include Memory Work in your homeschool? Maybe it's time you start! Find out 7 reasons why memory work is great to add in your homeschool routine. #homeschool #memory #TrueNorthHomeschoolAcademy