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Breakthrough Special Needs/ Struggling Learners Program

Struggling Learners Special Needs

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True North Academy 
The Thinking and Learning Center 
SPED Homeschool

Special Needs/ Struggling Learners require unique attention and assistance. At True North Academy, we are excited to be partnering with The Thinking and Learning Center and SPED Homeschool to help support all of our students!

Reading & Phonics through Spelling

Reading & Phonics through Spelling takes five essential components of reading

  • Phonemic awareness
  • Phonics
  • Fluency
  • Vocabulary
  • Reading comprehension

and systematically teaches students  using a discovery and sound-based approach to phonics instruction.

Each week students will discover spelling patterns for different sounds.

Homework is completed weekly using A Reason For Spelling workbooks; utilizing proven methods for students with dyslexia and other reading difficulties.

  • Level 1 is offered for students using A Reason For Spelling Level Cand Level D
  • Level 2 is offered for students using A Reason For Spelling Level Eand Level F

To determine what level your child is performing at please utilize the placement tests for A Reason For Spelling :

Math Games

  • Build and strengthen number sense
  • Build math fluency
  • Build math vocabulary
  • Build problem-solving strategies.

Who Will Benefit from Math Games?

  • Students who need to master basic number sense
  • Students who do not remember the steps or in problem-solving
  • Students who need to build their procedural understandings of math
  • Students who have trouble with math facts

Math Games Level 1 – Basic Operations – offers addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and how to learn math facts fast.

Math Games Level 2 – Math involving fractions, decimals, percent, and review of multiplication facts.

The Thinking and Learning Center

This process highlights how cognitive processes are used, under-utilized or chaotically-processed.

Struggling Learners Classes are taught by Moms you can trust with professional training!
Kelley Godwin and Amy Vickrey.  

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SPED Homeschool

For more information on Struggling Learners, and about what you can do at home, check out SPED Homeschool.

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