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Resources for Struggling Learners

Special Needs and Struggling Learners will benefit from our small, therapeutically based program!

Our Teachers use cutting-edge techniques and tools to maximize your student’s growth and learning potential and classes are kept deliberately small to facilitate personalized attention.

Smaller classes also decrease anxiety in students, allowing dynamic and educationally therapeutic interaction between parents and students.

True North Homeschool Academy has tools and resources that support students and families with special needs.

Take a look and if you have any questions, please let us know how we can help you.


Adapted Classes

Click on each image to see full class description and schedule.

  • Adapted World History for Struggling Learners live online classes

    World History – Adapted for Struggling Learners

  • high school level science skills for homeschoolers adapted for struggling learners live online classes

    Adapted Science

  • Adapted English 2 live online class Adapted English 2 for struggling learner homeschoolers

    Adapted English 2

  • High School Spelling and Grammar online course

    High School Spelling and Grammar

  • Adapted Bundle for struggling learner homeschoolers

    Adapted Bundle

  • US History - Adapted for Struggling Learners

    US History – Adapted for Struggling Learners

  • Organizing Your Writing

    Organizing Your Writing II

  • Adapted English I

    Adapted English I

  • Sale! Executive Functioning Skills live online class for homeschoolers

    Executive Functioning Skills

  • Sale! TNHA Product Image HIgh school Composition class for struggling high schoolers

    Organizing Your Writing

  • SPED Academic Advising

    Special Needs Academic Counseling

  • Academic Advising

    Academic Advising


Adapted Learning

Higher-level thinking skills will  be developed and supported in interactive, small-group classes or tutoring.

We create an atmosphere where anxiety is reduced and thinking is maximized.

We use an interactive, discovery model of learning where students discover a concept instead of being told facts.

This type of hands-on approach to education encourages creativity and critical thinking.