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Writing Bootcamp- Summer


Writing Bootcamp- Summer 

Instructor: Dawn Pasley

Meets: Monday 9 am – 10 am. CST

Required Materials: Notebook and writing utensils. Other materials will be supplied.


Writing Bootcamp

Writing Bootcamp will Elementary through Jr High Students the opportunity to hone their understanding of how to write a Key Word outline from a source text.

  • Week 1 Students learn to develop a Key Word Outline (KWO) and write a simple paragraph
  • Week 2 Students create a fused KWO and paragraph
  • Week 3  Student create a fused KWO paragraph 1 of a 5 paragraph paper
  • Week 4 Student create a fused KWO & 2 out of a 5 paragraph paper
  • Week 5 Students create a  fused KWO & 2 our of 5 paragraph paper.
  • Week 6 Students write an Introduction & Conclusion to a 5 paragraph paper

Writing Bootcamp students will gain confidence and mastery in this 6 week summer session as they learn to write a simple 5 paragraph essay based on the ever popular IEW system. Beginning with the Key Word Outline, students are gently guided through a step-by-step process that allows them to quickly and efficiently tackle the ever important 5 paragraph essay structure.

Pair Writing Bootcamp with Poetry Essentials, Study Skills, Conversational Fun with Spanish or Latin Bootcamp I or II for 6 weeks of Academic exploration and fun!


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