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Spanish Homeroom

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Full Year Course – Spanish Homeroom (Spanish Club)

Grade Level: Elementary, Junior High, and Highschool

1/4 Credit High School Spanish

Meeting: 2023 – 2024| Tuesday 9:00-10:00 am, CST

Instructor: Cat Garcia

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Spanish Homeroom / Spanish Club

Spanish Club is designed for students to have a second day during the week of exposure to the language. Students will practice using the language by reading and speaking based on different weekly themes, such as school, food, family, and much more. In this class, we will sing songs and learn about the culture. Students will learn to make 2 Hispanic easy sides or dishes per semester and complete other hands-on activities, like making their own piñatas. Join us to practice basic conversations and have fun!

Spanish Homeroom is for Spanish students k-12th to help them with Spanish Homework and to assist them with speaking, listening to and understanding the beautiful Spanish Language. At True North Homeschool Academy, we are committed to helping our Foreign Language students listen, speak, write and understand as quickly and easily as possible.

Spanish Homeroom is for all students learning the Spanish language. It is available to students in 1-12th grades, particularly True North Homeschool Academy students who are taking Spanish A, Spanish B, Spanish I, Spanish II or Spanish III and will incorporate:

  • Reading comprehension in Spanish with discussions. Reading material will be provided.
  • Help students develop ease and comfort as they communicate in Spanish; it is a safe place to make mistakes. We believe in failing forward and that we won't learn without making mistakes.
  • To answer any questions they might have about Spanish. Bring your homework to Spanish Homeroom!
  • To have conversations in Spanish with fellow students and Sra. Quintanar.
  • Students will learn not only about the Spanish language and the Hispanic and Latin cultures!
  • Homeroom students will learn Spanish within a positive, encouraging, and FUN environment!

Read 5 Reasons to Study Spanish!

  1. There are currently 20 million people currently studying the language!
  2.  Spanish is spoken and understood by over 52 million people in the United States.
  3.  The person who studies it has a bright future.
  4. Will increase your employability.
  5. Will allow you more opportunities.
Un lenguaje nuevo es una vida nueva.
A new language is a new life.



1 review for Spanish Homeroom

  1. Christy

    My daughter loves this class. It makes learning Spanish more fun for her and helps her to remember better. It has improved her grades for her regular Spanish course.

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