Buy a 3, 6, or 10 Class Bundle and Save! Perfect for families to share. One student per class. Up to 3,6, or 10 students per bundle based on original bundle size.

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Senior High Three Course Bundle – One Semester


Senior High Three Course Bundles give you freedom and flexibility in planning your year. The semester bundles allow you to choose from any high school one-semester courses.

$389 is the price per class. You will save 5% when you Bundle 3 classes

Individual credit is awarded based on the class chosen.

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Senior HIgh Three Class BundleSenior High Three Course Bundle - One Semester- Price is $389 per class. Choose 3 Classes, and save 5%.

The Senior High Three Course Bundle includes three single-semester Senior High classes. Classes are chosen by you so you can create the best plan for your student and family. Taught by committed educators, you can rest assured that your Senior High School Student will be welcomed into challenging and fun classes and will prepare them well for post-high-school success!

Need help choosing appropriate classes for your Senior High Three Course Bundle? We would love to help!

These are live online, synchronous classes. Students will see and hear the teacher and other students in the classes. We believe that education takes place best within a safe and caring environment. We will provide regular assessments, feedback, and grading and utilize in-class participation, tests, quizzes, papers, presentations, projects, and occasional gamification to provide a dynamic and engaging online learning experience.


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