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Self Paced Creation Science K-8


6-week self-paced Creation Science Class in partnership with Media Angels & True North Homeschool Academy.

Required Resources: All required resources, study guides, and ebooks are included!




Self-Paced Creation Kids Classes & Ebook Bundle

Why should you teach your children about Creation? Because everything else they read that is remotely science related teaches evolution as FACT. Shouldn’t your children learn there is more than one side to the story? Do you want your child to be informed?

The science curriculum books focus on topics that teach your children the truth about God’s glorious Creation. And ways to defend it!  This level includes all our creation curriculum classes and everything in the eBook bundle.

Now! Immediate access to online classes. Felice Gerwitz teaches your children online creation based upon an award-winning science curriculum designed to ground your family in a Christian worldview.

-Six weeks worth of classes — one per week for ages K-8th grade (high school if you’ve never studied Creation).
-Audio Recordings
-Handouts and Websites to visit
-Further research
-Bonus interviews

BONUS #1: You receive 21 eBooks in this bundle, including many listed in Cathy Duffy’s Top 100 and 101 Curriculum Picks for Homeschooling. The help you need now. Immediate access to quality Christian non-fiction and fiction books and printables for your family.

About the Study Guides:

These study guides include a readable outline of the main points in the Creation vs. evolution discussion, the major talking points you should know, and ways to educate the children on these points with hands-on activities and experiments. This series isn’t a read-it-one-time, and forget-it! This series will be repeated again and again and is for K-12th!

If you want a course in Creation Apologetics for kids, this is it!

Additional Resources

Activity Packs for each study guide contain hands-on activities you can share with your family.


Personalized Learning Plan 

This download will guide you in creating a personalized learning plan for your homeschoolers. A Personalized Learning Plan is a simple visual aid. A place to write down classes and extracurricular activities so that you can make the most of your school year!

The Scientific Method printable

Download with clear steps for the Scientific Method.

The 5 Common Topics Ebook-

The 5 Common Topics; have you ever heard of them? This little-used educational concept can revolutionize your homeschooling and educational experience. Let us guide you through how to utilize each of the 5 Common Topics, beginning with definition. Implementing these tools across the curriculum and with multiple grades and ages is easy. Whether your student is familiar with the information or not, The 5 Common Topics will allow your student to recognize quickly what they do know and make connections and cross-references, allowing them get further than they thought possible. An excellent addition to any literature curriculum, math, or science curriculum from Kindergarten through High School.

We’ve included a clear explanation of the 5 Common Topics as well as examples of how to use the 5 Common Topics with a random subject, Printable Math sheets to laminate for Math class, flyers to print and put in your notebooks or classroom areas, and printable bookmarks to use with co-ops, class-days or in your own home.

This is continuing education for every homeschool Mom, co-op or class day teacher, and classical educator. Equip yourself and watch your students soar!

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