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Self Paced American History 1 | Nomadic Professor


American History 1 with The Nomadic Professor is a self-paced American History course in partnership with The Nomadic Professor. True North Homeschool Academy will provide grading of the course, but no live instruction. All instruction is recorded and proctored by The Nomadic Professor team.


American History 1 | a Self Paced Course in Partnership with The Nomadic Professor

A Cathy Duffy Top 103, American History 1 from The Nomadic Professor’s American History 1 and American History 2.

This self paced course is for American History 1.

Absolutely outstanding class with an incredibly skilled, intellectually empowered and knowledgeable professor. I have had numerous history professors [of] great quality. However, Professor Jackson is one of a kind.”

– Student, American History 1


Self Paced Course Description

  • Content: Pre-Columbian America to the ratification of the Constitution
  • Skills: Thinking like a historian; reading historical documents; reading political cartoons; generating research questions


  • US1-2
    • 1 credit in U.S. History
    • .5 credits in Historical Methods
    • .5 credits in College Writing

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