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High School

Full Year Course, 1 credit

Meets: 2023-2024| Wednesdays, 10:15 – 11:15 a.m. CST

Instructor: Dr. Kristin Moon

Prerequisite: Algebra 1 and Geometry (or its equivalent).

Required materials: in addition to a scientific calculator, some additional supplies are needed for hands-on investigations.

A supply list will be available in time for students to order prior to classes beginning.

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Physics is the study of matter, energy, and the interactions between them.

High school students will investigate the principles of motion, Newton’s laws, forces, work, waves, and electricity in this year-long college-preparatory Physics course.  They will come to appreciate the physics they use in their everyday lives.

Physics will be taught using various methods, including live, interactive classes, videos, hands-on activities and games, online simulations, and labs.  Whenever possible, examples will be given so that students will understand how the topics they study are relevant to their lives.

Students should be prepared to complete weekly homework assignments (including hands-on and virtual labs) designed to aid them in understanding and practicing chemistry concepts.  Since student success in the course depends on regular practice of the skills we learn in class, a  significant portion of the student’s final grade will be based on completing weekly homework assignments. (Note: homework is graded on completion, not based on correct or incorrect answers.  While teacher feedback is given on student homework, points won’t be deducted for incorrect answers)

Because the course material will be taught using the instructor’s resources, no textbook purchase is required for this class.  While reading assignments won’t be required, there are 2 sources students may find helpful to supplement the online classes.  The first is the textbook Apologia Exploring Creation with Physics, 2nd Edition by Dr. Jay Wile.  This text superbly explains the concepts in an easy-to-understand manner and includes many sample problems.  The second is the free, online CK-12 Physics Textbook

Class participation, weekly homework assignments, and periodic exams will evaluate student comprehension and progress.

Prerequisite:  Algebra 1 and Geometry (or its equivalent).  

Required materials:

Required materials: in addition to a scientific calculator, some additional supplies are needed for hands-on investigations.

Supplies for Hands-on Labs


Full Year Course – 1 Credit: The class will be taught and graded by your True North Homeschool Academy teacher. Your child’s coursework in this high school level course is equal to one credit hour, which your homeschool may award upon completion. If you want help determining your students’ credits or creating a transcript, check out our Academic Advising.


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