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New Testament Survey – One Semester


Meeting: Mondays, 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. CST Spring Semester

Instructor: Katie Munson

Required Materials:


New Testament Survey is an exciting and comprehensive look at the story, characters, and main themes of the New Testament. This course aims to give students a “big picture” view of New Testament History. Many Christians do not have a solid understanding of New Testament History. However, understanding the History and themes of the New Testament, is essential to understanding the sovereignty, grace, and provision of God in the New Testament.

The goal of this course is to help students grasp a basic timeline of the New Testament. While exploring new testament history, this course will emphasize God’s provision and sovereignty throughout history to carry out his plan for the redemption of His creation through His Son.

This course will begin with an overview of all the New Testament books, categorizing them according the theme and genre. After the general overview, students will look at each book, considering the theme, major stories and characters. For each book, we will also consider other facts such as; authorship, writing style, date of events, date the book was recorded, major objections, and the trustworthiness of the book as a historical document.

Our class time will be devoted to reading the most important portions of each book. Class time will also include a discussion on the important aspects of each book. Students will be expected to participate in a collaborative discussion, where we will consider the important themes of each book and how they relate to the larger gospel story.

Throughout the course, students will be expected to complete readings from scripture and other assigned reading. Students will also learn through worksheets, flashcards, activities, testing, and written assignments. This course will conclude with a short essay on a New Testament book of the student’s choosing.

This one semester course is best suited for students grades 6th– 8th.

Required Materials:

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