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Introduction to Computer Science


Full Year – High School Level Course

Meets: FALL 2023 | Monday, 10:15 am – 11:15 am CST

Instructor: Laura Nolette


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Introduction to Computer Science

Computers are here to stay. They are everywhere. You can’t run an appliance or drive a car without one anymore. Their power continues to improve at an unbelievable rate. But how do they actually work? Why do they work? What can we do with them?

Computer Science has become a very broad topic. It includes computer logic, programming, and design. In this course students will explore computers from many angles. They will first look at the history of the computer. They have come such a long way and understanding the path they took helps to understand where we are and where we are going with computers.

Next the logic of a computer must be explored. Once students really understand the way computers “think” they will be well on their way to knowing how to use them best.

Introduction to Computer Science will move on to talk about Microsoft Windows and the applications you can use on the machines powered by this software giant. Fans of Apple products like iMacs and MacBooks are welcome as well, and the two systems will be compared if interest exists.

In Introduction to Computer Science, students will learn about:

  • Basic Parts of a Computer
  • Differences Between Components, Peripherals, and Accessories
  • Common Tasks
  • File Management
  • File Types
  • Command Line Instructions

Introduction to Computer Science is a full year course for high school students. Junior high students may sign up for this class if the parent feels that they are mature enough to benefit from this high school level course.

Required Materials: ONE of the following:


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