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Rock Your Homeschool Printable eBook Mega Bundle


Rock Your Homeschool Printable eBook Mega Bundle

Over 20 Printables and eBooks to rock your homeschool and launch learning, interest, and fun!

Printables include:

  • Get to Know True North Homeschool Academy Scavenger Hunt Start with this printable game and embark on a virtual journey through the True North community. It is an engaging way to get to know us, help us get to know you, and have a chance at some fabulous prizes along the way.
  • Homeschool Getting Started Printables Pack Whether new to homeschooling or experienced, you will get a good start on your homeschool year with our Getting Started Homeschool Printable Packet. Includes planning sheets that will help you go the distance. These printable planning sheets will guide you as you create long-term and short-term goals for your home, family, and homeschool.
  • Working Homeschool Mom Bundle Get equipped to homeschool while working from home.
  • 5 Tips for Homeschooling Through Highschool eBook In this FREE e-book, True North Homeschool Academy Director, Lisa Nehring, shares five tips that will help you plan a quality high school education that will help your child meet their goals whether they are planning for college or career.
  • Homeschool Helps Printable Pack The Homeschool Helps printable e-book includes a morning journaling sheet, life skills checklist for teens, family meeting ideas, and a planner and logs sheet to help you organize your family time and your homeschool.
  • Surviving Homeschooling High School eBook This informative guide will take the worry and stress out of homeschooling high school. Lisa Nehring, a veteran homeschooler (27 years and counting) has also worked as an Admissions Counselor for a  private graduate school and as an Academic Advisor for homeschooling students from around the world. She understands the world of homeschooling and higher academics, what it takes to get into competitive colleges and programs, and how to manage students who are uniquely gifted or disabled. Lisa has written hundreds of homeschool Transcripts and counseled many homeschool high-schoolers and their parents to success!
  • Affirmations for Homeschool Moms Are you looking for daily encouragement designed just for the homeschool mom?  Then check out these amazing printable affirmations!  Simply print them out, place them in a jar, and draw one out when you need encouragement.
  • Printable SMART Goals Do you set SMART goals in your homeschool?  Goal setting is such an essential part of a child’s homeschool career.  Teaching goal setting not only makes a student successful in academics but these skills last a lifetime.  Be sure to check out this podcast episode so you can develop this vital skill in your homeschool student!
  • Student Journal Pages Here at True North Homeschool Academy, we believe in the power of writing!  We love helping students build writing skills, creating fun writing prompts, and even listening to our students’ stories.  We have created these free printable student journal pages to inspire a love of writing further.
  • Unit Study Planner This planner will guide you through creating your unit study from scratch.
  • Celebrate Sukkot: A How to Unit Study will help your family discover Sukkot’s beautiful, Biblical fall festival. Also known as the Feast of Tabernacles or Feast of Booths, this celebration will help bring the Old Testament alive! Celebrate Sukkot: A How to Unit Study will give you Scripture references, historical background, and significance, a step-by-step guide on how to get started, links to resources such as games, you-tube shorts, articles, articles, recipes, and so much more! Also included are beautiful prayer cards, “Sukkot by the Numbers,” a list of Scripture references regarding Sukkot, an explanation of the Ushpizin, and the inspiration you need to try it! You will recognize elements of Thanksgiving, harvest festivals, and Sabbath all rolled into one. Make this Sukkot one worth remembering by participating fully in the Feast of Tabernacles! Chag Sameach!
  • Personalized Learning Plan Get a free download that will guide you in creating a personalized learning plan for your homeschoolers. A Personalized Learning Plan is a simple visual aid. A place to write down classes and extracurricular activities so you can make the most of your school year!
  • Road Map to Military Success  This Guide to Military Success breaks down the steps to preparing and succeeding in a military career. Learn what to expect and how to “be all that you can be” whatever branch of the military you decide to serve with.Hear from a homeschool graduate who went into the military and benefit from his experiences. This blog post will help you make important decisions about your career path.
  • Fall Activity Checklist FREE Autumn activities ideas list will help you kick off your homeschool and holiday season with a lot of fun and family time- with links!
  • German Recipe eBook Grab this free e-book for a taste of German Culture! This recipe book was compiled and created by True North Homeschool Academy students in their German Culture studies class.
  • Christmas Shopping Budget Worksheet Life skills are valuable. Use this free budget worksheet to teach a budgeting lesson in your homeschool. Also included is a gift planning worksheet – both are free to download or print.
  • Fall Bucket List This printable will allow you to make the most of the season with those you love! Frame or laminate so that you and your kiddos can keep track of fun activities like baking a pie, starting a gratitude journal, having a bonfire, and more!
  • Scientific Method Free Download with clear steps for the Scientific Method.
  • Primary Handwriting Practice Colorful worksheets your primary student can color and trace.
  • Halloween Matching Game Keep this holiday fun with this simple matching game for preschoolers.
  • Fall iSpy This fun little game is great for road trips and more.
  • Letter Matching Worksheets 
  • Thanksgiving Number Puzzles
  • Farm Animal Bookmarks
  • 5 Senses Spinners Build a tactile and fun game to teach senses and situational awareness with your youngest students.

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mega bundle of printablesFree Mega printable bundle for your homeschool

Rock Your Homeschool Printable eBook Mega Bundle

Over 20 Printables and eBooks to rock your homeschool and launch learning, interest, and fun!



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