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Heroes of the Bible & Jewish History


Heroes of Jewish History

High School Level Course (also appropriate for mature junior high school students through adult)

Meets: Mondays, 2:00- 3:00 p.m. 

Instructor: Rabbi Arthur Fischer

Required Materials will be provided by the Professor. 

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Heroes of the Bible & Jewish History

Heroes of Jewish History will introduce some of the giants of Jewish history.  During the past 22 centuries, each of these men and women has had a significant impact on Jewish – and world – history.  We will meet rulers and scholars, politicians and poets, warriors and educators.  We will become familiar with the geographical and historical contexts in which each of them lived, and learn of their struggles and accomplishments.

The 10 biographies are:

  • Judah Maccabee
  • Rabbi Yochanan ben-Zakkai
  • Saadia Gaon
  • Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon
  • Rabbi Don Isaac Abravanel
  • Theodor Herzl
  • David Ben Gurion
  • Golda Meir
  • Nehama Leibowitz
  • Ephraim Kishon

Jewish History is important to anyone who takes the Bible seriously to understand how God has moved throughout time and to understand fulfilled prophecies that are happening even during our life-time.  For example, the re-formation of the Jewish State of Israel has been called a modern-day miracle. Learn about some of the amazing men and women who helped form and shape it!

The story of modern Israel is amazing in itself, but when taken within the context of the history of the Jewish people, it is clearly miraculous. The only explanation for this epic tale is a biblical one. ~ Israel Answers

Heroes of Jewish History is an excellent tie-in to Biblical Feasts and Festivals, Modern or Biblical Hebrew, Strategy: War and Peace and Politics, Philosophy and Economics. Perfect for students considering additional studies in History or Geography, Biblical Studies, Politics or Middle Eastern Affairs or the Military 

This class is a fun and fascinating summer study that is perfect for Junior High students through adults!


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