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Hamlet for Homeschoolers | Summer Class


Hamlet for Homeschoolers 

Summer School – High School Level Course

Meeting: 2023  2024|  Summer, Mondays, 11:30 am CST

Instructor: Anna Knaub



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The rest may be silence (Act 5 Scene 2), but this summer class is a far cry from such!

This 6 week, Socratic course will read through one of the all-time best Shakespeare tragedies- Hamlet.

Along with reading through the play, students will come ready each week to discuss everything from character development, themes, plot, literary devices, historical significance, literary analysis, and more. They will be provided guides to help them along in their reading as well. 

The first 2 weeks we will delve into the culture & time period of Shakespeare, as well as how to read Shakespeare without getting a headache!

The following 4 weeks will be reading & Socratic discussion.

As a ¼ credit class, it is the perfect prelude to this Fall’s Shakespeare class where we will read 6 more of Shakespeare’s most provocative works.

Required Work:


Suggested (especially if interested in the full-year class)

Shakespeare: The Invention of the Human


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