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German 3 / 4


German 3 / 4

High School Level Course

Meets: 2023 – 2024 | Mondays 9:00-10:00 a.m. CST

Instructor: Dana Hanley

Pre-Requisites: German I and II

Required Material: All materials provided by the instructor


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German 3/4

In German 3/4, students begin to transition from learning about German to learning in German.

Students will gain increased confidence in basic grammar through level-appropriate readings, thematic study, and authentic resources where appropriate. Students will continue to expand their understanding of and appreciation for German history and culture through literature, art, film, virtual tours, and other selected resources.

Our focus for this year will be Germany from World War Two to the present day. Reading selections will be made from authentic resources, including Wolfgang Borchert, Maria Kaschnitz, and others.

By the end of German 3/4, students should be able to carry on a light conversation about everyday topics and begin to express their thoughts and knowledge about topics covered in class in more depth. Students will become more comfortable with the grammar learned in German 1 and German 2 and will begin to learn more advanced German grammar.

This class is engaging and fun and will utilize various games and challenges to keep students interacting with the material and moving forward in their understanding of both hearing and speaking the German Langauge.

Pair this class with German Film, History, Literature, Math, and Psychology for a robust year of learning!

Required Materials:

All materials provided by the instructor

Regular quizzes are designed to help students study vocabulary. Assessment is made primarily through projects in German as well as take-home tests.


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