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Geography – Expedition Everest


Geography – Expedition Everest

Elementary – Fall Semester

Meets: Monday 12:45-1:45 p.m. CST

Instructor: Dana Hanley

Required Materials: None

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Geography – Expedition Everest

Geography – Expedition Everest will discover the courageous and brave explorers who risked their lives and fortunes to explore the heights of the Himalayas. Students will discover the importance of what might be considered uninhabitable territory. This is a fun and interactive semester-long quest to discover the geography, wildlife, native cultures, and interesting explorers who have explored the world’s tallest land forms.

This is a project-based course and students will complete a notebook about the river system, its history, culture, and wildlife of the Himalayas. Expedition Everest is a fun and exciting geography and cultural exploration class that will enhance your students’ understanding of the rich and diverse world in which they live.

Geography – Expedition Everest is part of a series of expeditions that will introduce students to major topics in world history and geography. Our story begins with a race to secure trade routes to India, the heart of the spice trade. It follows a cast of colorful characters as they push westward, at first searching for a route around South America, then for gold, and finally, for the incredible resources the rain-forest has to offer us today. Students will also discover missionary efforts to the native tribes and learn about some of the cultures of the region and how the indigenous peoples of the Amazon basin continue to make a home there. Later destinations will include the North Pole, the top of Mt. Everest, and Australia.

Required Materials for Expedition Everest: will be provided

Optional Resources for students who love stickers!

Students will choose one book or audio book related to the theme to read for the semester and make two presentations. One as a travel brochure or advertisement, and one on any related topics that interested them.

Pair Expedition Arctic with Expedition Australia second semester for a great year of geography and history! Pair this class with Classical Memory Cycle III and Writing Skills as a Bundle for extra savings and for a robust year of learning and fun!


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