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Genetics spring course online science class for homeschool high school students




Pre-Req: Biology (or the first semester of Biology if genetics was covered)

High School Class

Meets:  SPRING 2024 | Tuesday, 2pm-3pm CST

Instructor: Dr. Kristin Moon

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High School Science for Homeschool Students | Genetics | Dr. Kristin Moon

The study of genetics focuses on the expression of an organism’s genes and how those genes are passed from parent to offspring.  While students learn the basics of genetics in their first year biology course, there is never enough time to cover all of the topics students are most interested in during the allotted time. In this semester-long course, we will take our time exploring the fascinating world of genetics.


Topics we will explore include:

  • A review of genetic terminology (phenotype, genotype, homozygous, heterozygous, alleles,
  • Using Punnett Squares to predict the outcome of monohybrid and dihybrid crosses
  • Creating and analyzing pedigrees
  • Simple Mendelian Inheritance
  • More complicated non-Mendelian inheritance, including:
    • Sex-linked traits
    • Mitochondrial DNA
    • Incomplete dominance
    • Codominance
    • Polygenic inheritance
  • Epistasis
  • Epigenetics
  • Students will learn about the scientists whose groundbreaking discoveries led to our current understanding of genetics (including Gregor Mendel and Thomas Morgan).

There will be ample opportunity for us to explore topics of interest to students, including the genetics of human blood type, the genetics of calico cats, heterochromia, and more!  Students will choose one topic related to genetics to research over the course of the semester.  They will then present what they’ve learned to the class during one of our final live classes.

Students will learn the material through our live, interactive classes, through completing hands-on labs and activities, and from completing weekly homework assignments.

Student comprehension and progress will be evaluated through class participation, weekly homework assignments, and periodic exams/quizzes


In order to get the most out of our 15 week class, we will only spend the first week reviewing the fundamental concepts of genetics that students typically learn in their first year biology course.  Therefore, students should only take this course if they have completed high school biology (OR the first semester of a biology course if genetics was covered).

Required Texts:  Because the course material will be taught using the instructor’s resources, a separate textbook is not required. 


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