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French B Elementary


French B Elementary

Elementary Level Class (Grades 1-6)

Full Year Course

Meets: Wednesday, 9 am – 10 am,  CST

Instructor: Rachel Margaillon

Required material:

Download the French A Readers & Activities here.


French B Elementary will take your children on a fun and happy exploration of the French language. If for grownups French can seem difficult, it will come naturally for children as they hear this new language and its particularities in simple stories, as they sing it along in songs, practice speaking it in games, and acting.

After discovering French  last year with  French A , the children will be able to continue  their journey  getting familiar with French language.

Stories will continue to be our main tool for expanding our vocabulary and learning some  grammar and spelling skills.

Songs (both action rhymes and catching Christian tunes ) will be another venue  through which children will expand their vocabulary and practice pronunciation.

They will discover how and why some French sounds and sentences work through drawing very simple mnemotechnic illustrations of a few basic grammar rules and spelling.

The children will also practice talking with the teacher and with the other students while playing games, having conversations, and acting out stories or imaginary situations.

At the end of French B Elementary, children will be able to understand and read some common vocabulary, use verbs in the present and some in the past and future tense, develop an ear for French pronunciation, and understand and read short texts. They will be able to build sentences in French, and retell short poems and sentences that they learned by heart.

This year we will also expand our horizons a bit by discovering the geography and culture of a few French-speaking countries.

Elementary school is wonderful to learn a Foreign Language as it sets students up for future academic success, particularly in a global market!

Required material:

Pair this course with Classical Memory, Science Exploration, Elementary Math Level I or II, and more for a robust year of learning and fun! Purchase a three or six-course Bundle for greater savings!


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