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Executive Functioning Skills


Executive Functioning Skills

Full Year Course

Meets: Fridays 10:15 – 11:15 a.m. CST

Instructor: BJ Pramann

Resources required for Adapted Executive Functioning:

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Executive Functioning Skills

Executive Functioning Skills for Struggling Learners offers 100% supported learning for unique students.  This class will focus on intentional self-regulation, along with touching on all seven forms of executive functioning which includes: adaptable thinking, self-control, time management, working memory (for reasoning and decision making), organization, planning, and self-monitoring.  Using multiple resources, the educator will encourage discussion, and offer helpful tips to help them in their everyday lives.

Providing a sensitive, nurturing learning environment for students who have had less academic success, this course will also work on skill-building.  We will be focusing on breaking down larger, every day tasks to make them more manageable.  We will be discussing how to create their own personalized daily routine.  The students will also be able to improve their day to day school and family life as we work in the following areas:

  • making schedules
  • creating a personal calendar
  • creating short, effective lists
  • tips to help our memory
  • understanding how our actions affect others

Executive Functioning Skills is designed to create a stress-free approach to academic learning.  Homework assignments will be brief, and they will mostly be about habits that they can create to make life easier.  There will be an emphasis on growth, not grades.  There will be no tests, no essays, and no memorization required.  This course is about self-improvement and growing as an individual.

This course is also appropriate for middle school students who can attend reasonably well in class.

Resources required for Adapted Executive Functioning:

Read: Executive Functioning and Why it Matters in Your Homeschool.

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Executive Functioning Skills class size is limited to 10 Students

Full Year Course – 1 Credit: The class will be taught and graded by your True North Homeschool Academy teacher. The coursework your child will complete in this high school level course is equal to one credit hour which may be awarded by your homeschool upon completion of the course. If you would like help determining your students’ credits or creating a transcript, check out our Academic Advising

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