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Elementary Three Course Bundle


Elementary Three-Course Bundle

After purchase an email will be sent to the email you signed up with, prompting you to choose the classes. Check Elementary products for class days and times.

Choose any three Elementary level courses – the three-course bundle for academic success!



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Elementary Three-Course Bundle allows you to choose any three of our live, interactive online Elementary Classes. Save 5% or more over individual classes and quickly plan your entire homeschool year for learning success!

You can use the bundle for one child or multiple students within your family. Perfect for those who are homeschooling from a Classical or Charlotte Mason approach, for the overwhelmed homeschooler, or those with multiple children. Working homeschooling Moms will find this approach to homeschooling manageable and successful!

Can’t decide on which classes to choose? Our Academic Advising is designed to help you create a Personalized Learning Plan based on your student and family’s needs, strengths, and talents!

Choose from:

Elementary Three-Course Bundle classes are taught by committed, creative educators. We love to see your student succeed! Classes are live online, synchronous classes. Students will see and hear the teacher as well as other students. As many True North Homeschool Academy students choose Bundles, they will often have classes throughout the week with many of the same classmates, which leads to a greater sense of community.

We believe that education takes place best within a safe and caring environment and our goal is to provide an amazing online community! Choose the Elementary Three-Course Bundle for academic success within a caring community! Want more than three classes? Choose our  Elementary 6 Course Bundle. Middle School and High School students, check out our Junior High Bundle and Sr. High Bundle.

NOTE: once you purchase any bundle of classes, you will receive an email with instructions about how to choose your classes. Please read and choose your classes from the lists provided.  No refunds will be given on unused or unchosen classes.

If you know your classes, please add the class titles you are adding to your bundle in the order notes section. If you place your order over the weekend, please note that processing of orders will resume on Monday.


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