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Copywriting 101 | High School Entrepreneurial Series


Copywriting 101

Fall Semester  – High School Level Course

Meeting: 2023 -2024| Thursday, 2pm – 3pm CST


Instructor: Beth Purcell

Confident computer skills and abilities
Good command of English grammar



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Copywriting 101 | High School Entrepreneurial Series

You’ve got it! You created that million-dollar idea, product, or service you know will succeed! What now?? You need to sell it!

Copywriting 101 is a semester-long, half-credit course in True North Homeschool Academy’s Entrepreneurial Series.

In this course, you will learn persuasive writing, storytelling, and sales techniques that are crucial for effective copywriting. Creating compelling text, learning basic design elements, and exploring tools for brand communication will round out your study as you produce digital and print copy.

At the conclusion of this course, each student will be armed with a professional digital copywriting portfolio demonstrating newly acquired skills to share with potential clients, employers, or college admissions personnel!

Start now to grow your business through effective copywriting or prepare for the best writing jobs in advertising, media, and commercial communication! Aspects of copywriting that will be covered include: defining copywriting, selling versus educating, and understanding the AIDA model of professional copywriters.

We will learn various persuasion techniques and the art of effective storytelling. Grammar will not necessarily be the focus of this course, but students will practice and demonstrate a command of correct and appropriate grammar; it is imperative to effective copywriting!
Students will learn about branding, basic design elements and techniques, and more!


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