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Conversational Fun with Spanish Summer for Elementary


Conversational Fun with Spanish

High School Level Class (appropriate for those in grades 7-12)

Meets: Wednesday 10:45-11:45

Instructor: Catalina Garcia

Required materials include:
Risas y Sonrisas Self- Paced Application

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Conversational Fun with Spanish for Elementary

Conversational Fun with Spanish is for Elementary students and is perfect for those who are interested in diving into the amazing world of Spanish language acquistion.

If so, then this summer course is for you! This summer take a six-week journey to learn more about Spanish culture and language. We will use the Risas y Sonrisas Spanish program as our spine. It also is a great program for those who know a little Spanish but would like to learn more vocabulary or just keep their speaking skills up to date.

In our hour-long class, you will be able to speak with your teacher and peers, play fun games and learn about Spanish culture and countries. In six weeks your student will review and continue to learn! Our focus will be speaking and memorizing dialogues and reviewing/learning the following:

  • Numbers 0-100
  • Colors, Shapes, Body, Directions
  • Family, Opposites, Wild animals
  • Days of the week, Seasons and Months
  • All the names of the Spanish speaker countries

Homework expectations for Conversational Fun with Spanish include 30 minutes of memorizing songs and playing online games.

Students are expected to come to class knowing the songs and Questions and Answers to participate in class.

Required materials include:
Risas y Sonrisas Self- Paced Application


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