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Conversational Fun with German


Conversational Fun with German

High School Level Class (appropriate for those in grades 7-12)

Meets:  Monday | 10:15 – 11:15 CST

Instructor: Dana Hanley

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Conversational Fun with German

Conversational Fun with German for 7th grade – 12th grade is perfect for those with some German knowledge, but who want to learn more, or for those who have taken  German during the school year and don’t want to lose the progress they made. Or perhaps you are taking Latin but would like to learn a modern, spoken language?

If so, then this summer course is for you! This summer take a six-week journey to learn more about German culture and language. Increase your confidence speaking German with this basic German conversation class. We will talk about movies, music, hobbies and other common interests through games, mini lessons and an engaging place to practice.

In our hour-long class, you will be able to speak with your teacher and peers, play fun games and learn about German culture and countries. In six weeks your student will review and continue to learn! Our focus will be speaking and memorizing dialogues and reviewing/learning the following:

Prerequisite: Best for students with some German.

Pair this course with Math for Chemistry, Literary Discussion,  or German Resistance for fun and engaging summer learning! Check out full-year German classes with Frau Hanley for continued German Language learning! German I, German II, German III. 

The teacher will provide instruction and grades. The course work for this class is equivalent to 1/4 credit to be awarded by your homeschool.


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