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College & Career Advising


High School

1 Unit – College & Career Advising

Students or Homeschool Parents

Purchase time in 1 + hour increments.

We will connect you with one of the experienced Academic Advisors on our staff.

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High School

College & Career Advising is for those who are looking for on-going assistance as they successfully launch their young adults. Our experienced team of Academic Advisors has years of experience, resources, and research navigating a myriad of college and career paths.

Put our expertise to work for you! Create transcripts, assign credits, organize curriculum, optimize for scholarships, and make a successful plan for high school, college, or a career path.

We allow you to purchase one unit (one hour) at a time, to fit your needs specifically.

Each hour allows you direct correspondence with a team member. Purchase time an hour at a time or in a block of time, to be used as needed.

Homeschool college and career advisors will work with students and/or parents.


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