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Chinese level K | elementary chinese for all ages online class

Chinese K


Full Year Course

Grade Level: Elementary (Grades 1-6)

Meets: Wednesdays, 4:30-5:30 p.m. CST

Instructor: Jade Cao

Required Textbook: MeiZhou Chinese Simplified Characters Level K (simplified)





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Chinese - Elementary

Chinese - Elementary is a course designed to introduce Elementary-aged students to the fascinating Chinese language. Students will begin to understand how to speak and listen to the tonalities of the language as well as how to read.

Chinese - Elementary Course Objectives

  1. Students understand the contents of the texts and activities; are able to cooperate with the teacher’s guidance through practicing speaking and making body movements in the texts and games.
  2. Students are able to say the keywords and phrases in the texts and practice the situational dialogues.
  3. Students learn to pronounce characters and words with Pinyin and practice reading sentences and writing easy characters.

There are eight topic units in this book and there are two lessons in each unit.

  • Unit I: Classroom Phrases and Greetings
    • Students learn greeting words and phrases in the classroom setting through games.
  • Unit II: Names, Making Friends
    • Students learn how to say and ask names and how to introduce themselves to other people through songs.
  • Unit III: Numbers, Counting Numbers
    • Students learn how to count numbers using rhymes.
  • Unit IV: Family Members, Home and Activities
    • Students learn how to say names of family members and express what they are doing through activities.
  • Unit V: Colors, Shapes and Animals
    • Students learn how to say names of colors, shapes and animals through games.
  • Unit VI: Body Parts and Body Movements
    • Students learn how to say names of body parts and body movements through games.
  • Unit VII: Foods, Fruits and Drinks
    • Students learn how to say names of foods, fruits and drinks through situational games.
  • Unit VIII: Weather, Clothing
    • Students learn how to say names of weather and clothing through situational games.

Each Chinese - Elementary lesson comprises text, speaking practice, pronunciation, Pinyin and tone practice.

Besides the textbook, students are also required to have the workbook to do some practice for homework. Each unit will have a quiz text for the purpose of assessment and review.

Required Textbook: MeiZhou Chinese Simplified Characters Level K


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