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5th Grade Math – Full Year


5th Grade Math

Full Year

Weekly Math Meetings: FALL 2023, Tuesday, 10:15 – 11:15 a.m. (CT)

Instructor: Emma Cummings

This blended learning program will use the award-winning CTC Math program.

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5th Grade Math

5th Grade Math will guide students to explore problem-solving, fractions, decimals, integers, geometry, patterns, graphing, ratios, proportions, and percentages in this online class. Students will also explore advanced content such as rational numbers, geometric constructions, and solid figures.

This class is a blended learning program that meets weekly during this semester. True North Homeschool Academy offers this guided-learning model for K-12 Math for a full year or for just one semester.

This online, interactive class is a blended learning program in partnership with CTC Math. CTC is an award-winning computer-based math program that logically and sequentially leads students through challenging and discovering important math concepts. Students will have access to videos and worksheets throughout the week as assigned by their teacher. Classes will meet once per week to play math games, dive deeper into content, and preview the next week’s lessons. There will be fun math scavenger hunts and escape rooms as well as using interactive math simulations to look more deeply at how math works.

The teacher is always available to have their questions answered and to help with concepts that students are struggling with. 

This interactive class provides elementary through middle school students an important foundation for higher math.


Required Materials:  

  • CTC Math Curriculum Component (included in pricing).


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