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Private Tutoring

Private Tutoring might seem like a radical step to take. Especially thinking about contracting it through an online platform. But the good news is that online tutoring makes world class teachers and resources more affordable and accessible to you than ever before!

At True North Homeschool Academy, our tutors are world class teachers, fully vetted by True North. So you know that they will bring a Judeo-Christian understanding and point of view to any subject they are tutoring. Our tutors love their subject matter, are experts in it and have years of teaching under their belt. Furthermore, they are more than happy to learn, research and equip themselves and their students. Your success is their success!

Why hire Private Tutoring?

  1. A Personalized Program for your student
  2. Personalized attention to mastering the basics. your student will not be pushed, prodded or neglected to move on before they are ready.
  3.  Efficient learning. Students get personalized, effective instruction from someone who loves teaching and knows their stuff.
  4. Develops Discipline and demands it. Students know what’s expected and are held accountable in a firm and gentle way for optimal learning.
  5. Private tutoring instill a passion for learning as students realize that learning is accessible and exciting!
  6. Private tutoring allows the student to shine and to struggle, They can be honest about what they know and don’t know.
  7. An affordable way to ensure academic success- particularly if the student is struggling or ready to go at lightening speed!

Call today to talk to someone about your Private Tutoring needs! We are here to come alongside you for academic success!