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(The following is a post from Rebecca Lundgren, Junior High teacher at True North Homeschool Academy.)

Practical Proverbs Study Review

At the homeschool convention in Jefferson, North Dakota, I met Dara Halydyer with Abiding Truth Ministries. I received the book Practical Proverbs: a Bible study and life management course for the younger student, and was excited to have the opportunity to review the program in my home.  I have three girls who I love to do Bible studies with, and this seemed like it would be a great addition to our morning time.

The study is geared towards fourth through eighth graders so I had hope that it would be a great fit for all of my kids to do together.  I first tried the student course with my 14-year-old Chloe (eighth grade) my 12-year-old Hannah (sixth grade) and 10-year-old Josie (fourth grade).  Josie struggles with reading and language, so I wanted to do it as a group together. I realized shortly into it that this was not going to work for the eighth-grader with discussion.  Her sisters are just at a different level of thinking. While she could offer advice and help with teaching, she had so much else to do in her homeschool day that she was eager to get started.

It is suggested that seventh and eighth graders could go through the course alone with an adult to discuss any questions with.  The great thing about that was if I had a day that I couldn’t do it, I could assign my reluctant, but obedient eighth-grader to lead.

What did Practical Proverbs look like for us?

I planned to do four lessons a week, and I knew I wasn’t going to finish in time for the summer because it is broken into 36 lessons on 36 topics. I thought we might get a good start into it, but we often couldn’t finish a lesson in a day.  It would be much more appropriate to add this study as its own subject.  It would be perfect for a Bible course for a middle school child to complete.  We already had a weekly schedule, and I don’t change things much in the spring because we are in the home stretch.

We went through the first five lessons filling in the worksheets and the blanks, having a few good discussions, but unfortunately not all of my children like worksheets.  In later lessons, we used the worksheets more as a guide for reading and discussing.  I really loved it for discussion, but then I felt like we missed so many other points that we camped in the same lesson for a while.

What did I love about Practical Proverbs?

I really enjoyed how full the of scripture the lessons are.  I love how the author picks apart Proverbs and adds so much more of the bible to the lesson.  There is a lot of truth and not any fluff or platitudes that I have come across yet.  The other thing was it was a lot.  Some of the lessons could easily be broken into two or even more.  It often digs so deep, that when you are adding discussions to the what is already in place, you can’t complete a full lesson.  I didn’t give it to my children to just do on their own, so I can not judge how that would have gone.

Pros of Practical Proverbs

  • Overflowing with truth and Scripture
  • Not worldly but very biblical
  • Very well written and practical approach to Bible study
  • Would be a great stand-alone class
  • Easy for a middle school student to understand and work on independently.

Cons of Practical Proverbs

  • It’s a workbook
  • Not easy to do as a family study

(I received a free copy of this product through True North Homeschool Academy in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review, nor was I compensated in any other way. All opinions I have expressed are my own or those of my family. I am disclosing this in accordance with FTC regulations.)

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Rebecca Lundgren


Rebecca Lundgren lives in South Dakota with her husband Jeremy, three daughters, and their zoo of adopted animals.  While her family never intended to homeschool, she has learned a lot along the way.  Her background includes a B.S. degree in Early Childhood Education and Special Education from South Dakota State University.  Before she began her homeschool journey, she taught in Public Schools k-12, English as a Second Language (ESL) k-6, and directed an Early Childhood program.  Since she began homeschooling, she has been involved with working in and then directing homeschooling groups in her area and now teaches ESL online.  She loves camping and hiking with her family, reading, crafting, and children’s ministries.

Mrs. Lundgren is one of our fabulous Junior High teachers at True North Homeschool Academy.


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