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How Outsourcing Homeschool Math was the perfect decision for our family.

Growing up, my mom always said, “Gina, you never finish anything.” And somehow, that got stuck in my head. To be fair, she wasn't talking about outsourcing homeschool math. She was talking about swimming lessons, gymnastics, projects started and stopped. And, she was right.

It wasn't until I was (much) older that I realized what a gift those words would be to me.

The introspection they sparked lead me to several realizations about myself, including the truth in her words — I do leave things unfinished.

But, that's just one way of looking at it. The gift came when I realized why I don't. It wasn't a lack of interest, passion, or boredom. It was a way of letting go of things that were meant to be let go.

Coming Back Around to Outsourcing Homeschool Math

Loop scheduling is popular in the homeschooling world. I use it for all.the.things. — especially in my business life. It's called follow up. So, what's that to do with homeschool math? Let me explain.

I'll be frank. The words ringing in my ears of not finishing things kept me looping and looping and looping my children's math. Why? I didn't want to fail them. I held on to all subjects tightly.

And you know what? I failed them anyway. Because I should've embraced the gift of letting some things go. In this case, I needed to outsource homeschool math.

The Struggles with Homeschooling Math

Truth be told, I believed all the slick marketing regarding math in our homeschool. Find the right curriculum and it doesn't have to be hard to teach math.

I guess that could be true, depending on the child, but it was not true in our homeschool.

Honest moment here: After Algebra 2, count me out when it comes to math. I love statistics, but the rest of it – bleh. Which was holding my kids back. They needed the opportunity to embrace a love of math. This would be crucial for:

  • pursuing higher level science
  • all things college
  • overcoming the stigma of homeschoolers + math = forgetta' 'bout it!

I needed a better solution. And (unselfishly), I needed to not teach math. I really needed to outsource homeschool math.

Discovery of Outsourcing Homeschool Math as a Solution

Once I'd made the decision, my kids embraced this 110%. I began the search for a homeschool tutor.

Here are some things I did to outsource our homeschool math:

  1. We checked with local homeschool groups and found highly recommended and affordable tutors.
  2. We used YouTube for concepts.
  3. Online and video driven math curriculum became a staple in our homeschool.

Things began to turn around.

Benefits of Outsourcing Homeschool Math

The biggest benefit far and away was their math confidence. And for me, it became totally okay to say, “I don't know, ask your math teacher.”

Beyond that the more tangible results included improved math understanding, great scores on the ACT, and a budding love of math. For some of the kids, we'll say an improved toleration. 🙂

Overcoming Concerns and Challenges of Outsourcing

When I talk with homeschool parents today, I can relate to their frustration and overwhelm about teaching subjects that aren't necessarily our biggest strength or in our immediate wheelhouse. They, too fear letting go. Like they'll be a quitter or something. It's not quitting. So let that go.

The other obstacle I hear to outsourcing is finding the right tutor or resource. This is a matter of research, and honestly, trial and error. But, it's okay to pivot at anytime in your homeschool.

Lastly, the challenge of cost. Back in the day, I paid around $40 an hour for a tutor. I had four kids, so there's some math for you. 😉 I totally get it. It wasn't easy, but we found a way.

That's one of the reasons I really love True North Homeschool Academy. It's affordable, and the kids get real-life math pros for teachers. Let me tell you, these math teachers mean business. They want your kids to really get it!

Tips and Recommendations if You're Considering Outsourcing Homeschool Math

or any subject, for that matter.

  • Do your own due diligence. Research your options. Ask around. Make a list of non-negotiables.
  • Count the cost. Do a pros and cons list; outsourcing vs. at home teaching.
  • If you make a yes decision, think of creative ways to afford it if that's an issue. Grandma might really like the idea of gifting a math class.

Conclusion: You Are Still the Parent

You know your kids better than anyone else. You're still their parent. I finished homeschooling my children about 4 years ago, and I wish I'd had the options and choices parents have today.

And while that may be overwhelming to you at times, it's a true blessing.

And outsourcing our homeschool math? Best decision, as a homeschool parent, I ever made.

Hat tip to Bonita Tyler & Cathy Alger (tutors).

Math Resource from TNHA

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