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How Great is our God: 100 Indescribably Devotions about God and Science

How Great is Our God

True Confessions, we are way passed littles at our house, but this book looked too good to pass up. And while our grands live half a country away, I know that they’ll love getting a copy of this fun and interesting devotional for Christmas!  It will be a perfect gift for the littles in your life as well!

Included in this lovely and unique devotional by Louis Giglio are 100 devotionals that cover Space, Earth, Animals and People. The cover is bright and fanciful, welcoming readers to take a peek inside. The book is hardback and just 6” x 9,” which is so perfect for little hands!  The pages are printed on paper that is a bit thicker and not quite so easily torn as thinner paper.

How Great is Our God

I love that the first page allows the book to be personalize with “To,” “From” and “Date.” Perfect for gift -giving and inscribing a special note to a beloved child or new friend. The Table of Contents includes 100 neatly laid out lessons with fun and intriguing titles. On the next page is a “Welcome” that introduces the reader to the book and its purpose. Specifically, that God created through the universe. Ah, perfect. Theology and Science are inexplicably intertwined and this book is a great introduction to littles about this important truth.  Six characters walk the students through four subject areas: Space, Earth, Animals and People. If your student has a particular interest, it is quite easy to simply focus on those lessons, which are both coded by color and symbol.

Each 2-page lesson in How Great is Our God includes a beautiful graphic, a title, a Scripture quote, a simple, but relatable lesson, and a prayer. Also, included is a “How Great” section, which highlights the science mentioned in each lesson along with a ribbon book-mark and an Index,  making it easy to find a specific topic.

How Great is Our God

A quick sample from Lesson 42, on Typhoons, Hurricanes and Cyclones…Oh My!

Typhoons, hurricanes and cyclones, what’s the difference? Location, location, location! These are actually three different names for one kinds of storm.

I share this to illustrate that while this is a perfect devotional for pre-schoolers, it is by no means simplistic or dumbed down. In the “How Great” Section of the same chapter,

“In the Southern Hemisphere, cyclones spin clockwise, just like the hands of a clock. But in the Northern Hemisphere, cyclones spin counterclockwise.”

How Great is our God

How fun is that? How Great is Our God would be a phenomenal jumping off point for a whole lot of science if you had the time or inclination.

This jam-pack, beautiful and informative devotional would be great for so many different circumstances: at home, as a devotional with your own littles or grands, for daycare, Sunday School or co-op or as a simple jumping off point for more extensive science experiments in your homeschool.

How Great is Our God Give-Away

Be sure to sign up for the How Great is Our God GIVE-AWAY!  Five lucky winners will receive a copy of this inspiring and beautiful book! But if you can’t wait, you can purchase the book directly here.