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True North Homeschool Academy Honor Society

homeschool honor society

True North Homeschool Academy is excited to be launching our Honor Society in fall 2022. We are a chapter of Eta Sigma Alpha, the first homeschool honor society to be established here in the US. We are also their first fully online chapter.


The TNHA Honor Society is based on 4 Pillars:

  • Scholarship (Maintain a 3.5 GPA)
  • Service- Voluntary contributions made to the school or community without compensation
  • Leadership- Students leaders are creative collaborators who communicate well and are great problem solvers. Leadership experiences can be drawn from the school or community activities while working for or with others. 
  • Character -The student of good character is cooperative and reliable; shows courtesy, concern, and respect for others; and maintains a high standard of personal integrity and discipline.

REQUIREMENTS (for Full and Preliminary Membership)

  • Currently enrolled as a True North Homeschool Academy Student with 2+ classes. (Graduating seniors should have taken a minimum of 3 credits worth of approved courses at the high school level with TNHA Classes)
  • 3.5 GPA
  • Application 
  • 2 Recommendation Forms (1 from a TNHA Teacher)  
  • Attend Monthly TNHA Honor Society Meetings
  • Actively participate in TNHA Honor Society Yearly Service Project

FULL MEMBERSHIP: Full members will be able to include honor society on their transcripts and be endorsed, receive a letter of recommendation/participation, and option to get honors cords.

  • All Above requirements must be met
  • ESA requires test scores for acceptance. 
    • CLT: A test score of 88 (CLT), 97 (CLT 10), 97 (CLT 8);
    • SAT/PSAT 1200 (SAT), 1200 (PSAT), 1170(PSAT 10), 1090 (PSAT 8/9 for a 9th grade student), 1020 (PSAT 8/9 for an 8th grade student); 
    • ACT: 26 (ACT), 26 (Pre-ACT 10); 23 (Pre-ACT 8/9) 
    • ITBS/ITED: 90% composite score on the Iowa ITBS or ITED)
    • Stanford: 90% on the total battery (the score listed under the National PR-S or PR column)
    • Terra Nova 2: Terra Nova 2 (CAT 6) 2nd Edition 90% total score (listed under the NPR column) on the nationally normed standardized achievement tests
    • When taking the Iowa ITBS, Iowa ITED, Stanford or Terra Nova 2 (CAT 6) the complete battery including science, social studies, language arts, spelling, reading, mathematics, and vocabulary must be taken. We do not accept the basic battery or core battery for admission. The test score must come from one test. Section scores from different tests may not be combined to achieve the required test score for membership. Although some college scholarship applications accept super scoring, we do not.


PRELIMINARY MEMBERSHIP: Preliminary members will be allowed to participate in all Honor Society aspects, but it will not be added or endorsed on their transcripts, and will not include a letter of recommendation/participation.

  • Must fulfill general requirements as outlined above
  • Students do NOT need to have completed a required test as outlined above


  • Fill out Application (see below) – Application closes September 30, 2022 
  • You will receive the link for the recommendation forms AFTER submitting your application. 
  • Receive approval letter
  • Pay membership fees for each club ($75 first year; $60 subsequent years)
  • Join and participate in the honor society community


  • Acknowledgment of your hard work at a virtual Induction Ceremony/Reception hosted by the sponsor
  • A certificate of membership
  • An honor society t-shirt 
  • A cohort of other Leadership/ Service-minded individuals to learn, lead and serve alongside.
homeschool honor society


Judeo-Christian Principals: we are people of the book. Courses and teachers are Word driven and Word inspired. We are committed to these values.


Our team consists of experienced educators dedicated to bringing quality academics and their passion for the subject to each class.


Our quality online homeschool classes utilize current educational trends, while at the same time adhering to time tested academic pedagogy.


We believe that education is the transmission of culture. Our vision for our online homeschool classes includes course material and master teachers that reflect that vision.


Education is serious business, but there is joy to be found in conquering difficult tasks. Our goal is to assist each student in reaching their potential while nurturing a love of learning.


Ministry and military families are eligible to apply for a discount to our classes. Call or email for more information. A portion of all sales from this website goes to the ministry of  Blessing Bethlehem. 


Experience, Education, Vision.

Real Experiences. Real Relationships.

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