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GHC Conventions

Lisa Nehring, speaker at Great Homeschool Conventions

Join Lisa Nehring, featured speaker, at Great Homeschool Conventions.

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Feedback from Attendees:

“I recently got back from this GHC and really enjoyed some sessions by Lisa Nehring of True North academy. She had a lot of great content which combined classical ideals with a firm grasp on where technology, higher ed, and job market is moving. This was very helpful to me (a HSer of 18yrs) as I’ve been floundering a bit recently on how to prepare my kids for the future world. Her approach is definitely Christian with a classical flavor but for the modern world.” – Birchbark, WTM forum


South Carolina, March 14-16, 2024

Missouri, March 21-23, 2024

Ohio, April 4-6, 2024

Texas, July 11-13, 2024


Ready for Launch: from Awkward Homeschooler to Confident Adult

About This Workshop

In this era of profound societal upheaval, the post-high school graduation landscape is more diverse and complex than ever before. Our young adults face a bewildering array of choices: traditional college, entering the workforce, venturing into entrepreneurship, pursuing specialized certifications, embarking on a transformative gap year, or even, well, the allure of playing video games in Mom’s basement. How can we guide our children in making wise, informed choices? Join Lisa Nehring, Director of True North Homeschool Academy, as we navigate this exciting yet challenging terrain to help our kids launch successfully as young adults.

Homeschooling Middle School

About This Workshop

Your delightful elementary aged child has transformed into a moody, brain-fogged (it’s a little physiological thing called brain pruning) tween, and you might be wondering how to navigate homeschooling the middle school years without losing your marbles. Not to worry, Lisa Nehring, True North Homeschool Academy Director, has practical tools and tips to equip you to not simply survive homeschooling the tween years but to enjoy them, while laying a firm foundation for high school and beyond!

Credits, Transcripts, and Tests, Oh, My!

About This Workshop

Are you intimidated by Credits, Transcripts, and Standardized Tests? Are you concerned that your kids won’t get into college, or succeed once they get there? Say goodbye to those pesky homeschool worries because this practical and engaging session will unlock the secrets to homeschool high school success! Lisa Nehring, Director of True North Homeschool Academy, will help you craft a successful high school program for your students whether they plan to go on to college, career, military or entrepreneurship!

You Can Thank Us Later: Homeschooling High School is Not That Hard (with Jean Burke)

About This Workshop

Jean Burke and Lisa Nehring have decades of homeschooling experience under their belt, and have successfully launched 7 kids between them. They’ll share the most important aspects of homeschooling, answer audience questions and give you a whole lot of encouragement and , as you take on the task of intentionally educating your kids!