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Memberships from True North Homeschool Academy

What about socialization? 

This common question directed at homeschooling families is often met with a strong response. We're right to ask, “Who defines socialization?” and understand that socialization is more than peer-to-peer relating. We are constantly socializing. That's just part of culture, right? 

Still, many homeschool parents often ask me about this question. And honestly, I think it comes from a place of needing support. We're not trying to imitate the school culture and follow the pattern of the world when it comes to friendships. We're too busy transmitting our faith culture to our kids!

And that's the beautiful thing about what we do here at True North Homeschool Academy. We understand the importance of our common Christian culture. Our live online classes are born out of a desire to support homeschool families. And yes, even provide an avenue to socialize with your homeschool tribe. 

Wouldn't it be a dream-come-true to find a safe place for your kids to make friends, interactive in a live setting, and learn some really cool stuff? We think so. That's why we created Homeschool Clubs. 

Interactive, Online Homeschool Clubs 

Clubs for all ages from True North Homeschool Academy are a fun way to solidify learning in a non-traditional environment. What makes them so great? 

Face-to-Face Fun

Homeschooled students will share face-to-face in our online classrooms -making friends from around the world- all under the guidance of an experienced and vetted educator.

Your children will make connections and build friendships as well as hone their academic skills.

Skill Building

There is no doubt that True North Homeschool clubs are creative and fun BUT the clubs are designed by our teachers to create an atmosphere where homeschooled students can learn and grow. Students will practice and build skills in many academic areas.


Our Past Clubs Have Included

  •  The Bible & Manners
  • Timeline – Creating & Sharing Your Book of Centuries!
  • Science Club
  • Marvel Club
  • Narnia Book Club
  • Art Clubs
  • Self Reliance & Reflection
  • Show & Tell
  • Taking Ownership

Membership Options

We do the heavy lifting for you- teachers provide instruction and guidance for your child in each club and organize hands-on educational projects. Grading is not included.

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Find Out More About Homeschool Clubs

These are creative interactive online classes & clubs that your homeschoolers will love – for all levels.

K-12-year-old homeschoolers can participate in our casual clubs all year long.

These are not the same as academic classes with True North, but are courses designed for the casual fun learning community of the membership “collective”.

Special Offers on Homeschool Clubs

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