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Earn 5% on all sales as a True North Homeschool Affiliate

Partner With Us

We would love to partner together to let home educators know about our online Homeschool Academy!

If you are a homeschooler and love a quality, innovative education that is interactive and engaging, then our online learning programs – and our affiliate program will be of particular interest to you!

What is affiliate marketing?

It’s an association between a company, such as True North Homeschool Academy, and people, like yourself, who have agreed to promote our company and send customers our way, in exchange for, in this case, financial gain. We are excited to provide an opportunity for homeschool families to benefit from letting their friends and social media followers know about our classes, memberships, and resources.

What are the benefits of becoming an affiliate?

We will pay you 3% of the sales prices for True North products and services that you sell. Earn affiliate income on e-books, full-year and semester, live online classes and clubs, class bundles, testing services, academic advising services, and the Membership Site.

At certain times during the year, you may be able to earn more than the regular 3%.

Payouts via PayPal.

About True North Homeschool Academy – Online Learning

More people are discovering homeschooling than ever before. Many of these families find our online courses appealing as a means to provide an opportunity for their children to interact online with other students and not just a teacher. For families where both parents are working while homeschooling, outsourced live online classes can give them extra time with their children.

Some parents choose to outsource classes that are difficult for them to teach or whenever their children need an extra measure of accountability.

True North Homeschool Academy allows homeschooling parents to enjoy the role of a mentor instead of the dreaded role of taskmaster. Our classes set students up for future academic success, give parents expert teachers with clear standards, and promote self-reliance and independent study skills.

Our Testing and Academic Advising give parents a clear picture of a success path- and who doesn’t need that?  Online class delivery allows students to form relationships and friendships from around the county. We offer a unique service in the homeschooling online space at an affordable price point.

You Get Marketing Information and Resources

The best way to invite people to purchase any of our products or services is by becoming an engaging storyteller, captivating your readers’ curiosity and interest.

Your homeschooling readers all have problems that our products and services can solve! Be creative in how you convey this to them!

You can market our classes through email, social media, an Instagram, or Facebook campaign. We will partner with you to provide resources, special offers, and sales that will help you to promote True North.

Once you complete your affiliate registration form and are accepted as an affiliate, we will stay in touch with you through our Affiliate Email list. We will update you about resources and inform you about special incentive opportunities. You can connect with us by email or social media messaging to let us know when we can help promote your reviews and other marketing.

We are also available to do workshops or Facebook “lives” or interviews for your readers.

Spring and summer are our busiest sales season of the year, so sign up now and let’s work together to let parents know about all the great resources available to them through True North Homeschool Academy.

Questions About Becoming An Affiliate?

If you have questions about completing the affiliate application or technical difficulties please email our Marketing Manager. 

Just a heads up that if you have unsubscribed from our e-news in the past, you will be unable to get important emails from us about your affiliate account so be sure you are a subscriber.


Affiliate Application Form


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Thank you!

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