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Welcome to our first ever Holiday Gift Guide

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gift guide

Part of what inspired this Gift Guide was my search for the perfect handbag that fit my world. It had to be roomy enough to hold books and possibly even a tablet or laptop, structured enough that I could find what I was looking for and built to last my non-stop homeschooling, working world life. I don’t mind spending money on a quality bag that looks good and lasts, but it has to be just that- something that is beautiful and hard-working.

I have found just the thing. Below you’ll find details about Phil Teakell’s gorgeous, handcrafted leather bag. This one is heirloom quality, an investment that will last for years.

Next up, is Rebecca Scott Designs. We’ve owned a few RDS Bags, different style, different colors. I have a personal fav, but I don’t want to unduly influence you. They are all amazing!

Lastly, I’ve included 31 Bags, because in a poll on our Facebook Group, Help Homeschooling High School, it seemed to be a definite staple in the Mom bag life. My only complaint about 31 Bags is that they say, ‘will withstand 80 lbs”  -I take them at their word and fill to capacity, but then I have to actually pick it up! Time to grab some smaller ones!

And then, Bling. Because let’s face it, the homeschool Mom life can be a lot of things but is rarely glamorous. We’ve used Lila Rose clips for a long while. Perfect for thick, heavy hair and thin, wispy hair as well! We love the style and versatility of Lila Rose. Practical and beautiful!

And finally, Magpie Madness Jewelry You need many of these gorgeous jewelry pieces! Gorgeous and affordable


Rebecca Scott Design

All of our products have been designed by Rebekah Scott, who works out of her home studio near Valley Springs, South Dakota. She employs work from home moms who want to use their talents to provide an income for their families, all while staying home to raise their families.
Rebekah Scott Designs products are handmade, machine washable, made with vegan leather, and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee! You can purchase items from their Ready to Ship collection where items are already made and will be sent to you with 5-7 business days OR if you want to design your own products, you get to pick all of the details (right down to the colored zippers!) and the finished products are sent to you within 4-5 weeks of being ordered! 
The Phoebe bag is perfect for work, baby or travel. The largest purse style in the RSD line up, Phoebe can fit everything from your laptop, tablet, accessories to diapers and toys for your little one! She has three outside pockets, a crossbody strap, shoulder straps, and pockets that line the inside of the bag to keep your items tidy and organized. This purse style comes with optional add ons like a concealed pocket and top zipper (coming soon!) to keep your items secure! If you carry your laptop, pair the Phoebe with the Jovie laptop sleeve to make her even more versatile! 
To follow RSD, sign up for their email list where you get discounts and product information before the general public! Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram too where they do tons of fun giveaways!

Magpie Madness Jewelery

Gift Guide

Gift Guide Magpie Madness

Rustic & Vintage Style Gemstone & Pearl Jewelry

Handmade Rustic Jewelry with a Boho Chic Flare ** Pearls ** Vintage Metals ** Wire Wrapping ** Sterling ** Gemstones **Turquoise ** Crystals ** Earrings ** Bracelets ** Chains ** Necklaces **Weddings

I find great pleasure in creating beautiful wire wrapped and strung beaded jewelry in a range of styles and connecting each piece to a satisfied customer. Right now I’m really into the Rustic/Woodland/Boho Chic vintage feel and you’ll see its influence in my work–turquoise, pearls, crystals, & gemstones with vintage bronze, copper, & silver. I’ve even merged into antiquing sterling and brass to capture this feeling. Better yet, I try to keep my Magpies within pocketbook range!

As I create I pray. I pray for each woman who will be wearing my pieces–pray that she knows how much she is loved by the Savior and that she will feel absolutely beautiful while wearing her Magpies. It is my sincere desire that Magpie will bless women and somehow be impactful in each woman knowing how much she is loved.

Use coupon BAGSNBLING for 20% off on any Magpie Madness products. Good until December 31st, exclusively for True North Homeschool Academy readers!

31 Bags

Check out the the zip-top utility tote and the double duty caddy. The zip top is great for traveling with the 7 exterior pockets for markers, water bottle etc. Pair this with a fold n file and it becomes a great mobile file cabinet. The double duty caddy is great for kids to organize their subjects or to create a mobile classroom with storage for art supplies on one side and paper or folders on the other side. The item I am giving away is a medium utility tote. All info for my products can be seen on my website at and I can be contacted via email or text at  or 651-491-2625.

Teakell Design

Gift Guide

Gift Guide Leather Tote


In a market full of  mass produced goods, craftsmanship is becoming a rarity.  Welcome to Teakell Designs, where every product is custom hand-crafted.

The Large 2 Ring Tote brings a durable sophistication to the daily necessities.  It is a heavy duty, oil-tanned leather that will continue to develop its unique signature as it ages.  This tote will become the go-to bag for everything from the laptop and books to the fresh market veggies and jams.  The size accommodates innumerable combinations at 13” tall and 13” x 6” base, but style will be the only thing that is seen. Craftsmanship is becoming a rarity in this market of mass production.  Welcome to the Rare.  Pat Teakell began his creative pursuits as soon as he was able to hold tools.  Among his many developing skills was leatherworking.  Many years and many creative developments later, Teakell Design is focusing again on leatherwork.  Each item is meticulously crafted in Wichita, Kansas with Pat’s individual touches that ensure every piece is made to last.

Lilla Rose hair accessories, with Independent Stylist Kristi Bothur

Gift Guide

Gift Guide Lila Rose

Lilla Rose hair accessories are for every woman who has been frustrated with the time it takes to style her hair, or with uncomfortable accessories that damage her hair rather than protect it. The Flexi Clip is designed in seven sizes to hold any kind of hair, from very fine to extremely textured, and to do it with beauty, ease, and comfort – from a simple half-up or ponytail to a more elaborate holiday updo. Sizing information is available online, or you can contact Kristi  for personalized assistance, especially if you are choosing a gift. (With Lilla Rose’s 90-day exchange policy and oa ne-year warranty, you can’t lose!)
What’s more, Flexis can double as scarf clips! Other Lilla Rose hair accessories include decorative u-pins for painless updos, headache-free adjustable hairbands (that double as necklaces) and lightweight Leather 8/hair stick mix-and-match combinations. And for a gift that anyone can use, try their new organic rose water (rose hydrosol) for skin and hair!
Looking for a family business, or one that you can share with your teenager and then pass the baton to her when she graduates?
Lilla Rose, a direct sales company with a small-family feel, is ideal. Until November 20, shipping is FREE and joining  costs only $99 (for which you receive $300 in product and supplies), and there are no hidden costs for further training, website maintenance, or monthly sales quotas. High school students can work alongside a responsible adult to learn business and entrepreneurial skills while selling this unique, patented hair jewelry, and if life happens and you need to take a break, you won’t lose your business. Read here[ for more information or contact Kristi with your questions!
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