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Getting Started Homeschooling

Getting Started Homeschooling. You’ve made the decision to go for it Now what? Any new adventure can seem overwhelming, and anything new we try takes trial and error. The Education of our kids is so important and we just don’t want to mess it up! Because of that, we’ve gathered some of our favorite articles for you! Articles that will inspire, encourage and propel you to greatness!

Homeschooling, Where in the World do you Start? Nick Truesdall addresses that here. Getting Started with Homeschooling can also get you started on the right track and 3 Reasons to Homeschool will offer you assurance.

Brandy Olsen-Myers offers this helpful guide for reluctant learners. Or maybe you have a struggling learner?

Brandy Olsen-Myers offers support for first year homeschoolers.

Ticia Messing Homeschoolers are bibliophile. Here are 10 books to get your started with homeschooling! Our favorite classical  Homeschooling Book List! 

Jumpintogenius talks about how to avoid overwhelm.

Meryl van der Merwe Podcast on how to get organized!

Charlene Hess talk about getting started with homeschooling

Has curriculum gotten you down, caused you decision fatigue or just cooking your grits? Shannan helps you get through curriculum frustration!  

Amanda Stockdale has a  great article on Homeschooling Preschool. We love Kindergarten and Preschoool, too and have great resources for you, including Homegrown Preschool and our own live online Kindergarten classes!

Carol Anne Wright Swett starts at the beginning with 10 Questions to Answer Before You Start Homeschooling

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