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How to Create a Joyful Lifestyle of Learning

By Lisa Nehring of True North Homeschool Acadamy and It’s Not that Hard to Homeschool

2023 Great Homeschool Convention

Creating a Lifestyle of Learning in your home begins with some building blocks of success- with the hierarchy you build up starting at the bottom

  1. Systematize and Prioritize
    1. Prioritize: determine the order for dealing with (a series of items or tasks) according to their relative importance
    2. Systemize: arrange according to an organized system – then repeat
      1. Define system: a set of principles or procedures according to which something is done: an organized framework or method
  1. Roles and Responsibilities
    1. Role: the function assumed or part played by a person or thing in a particular situation (management)
    2. Responsibility: the opportunity or ability to act independently and make decisions without authorization
    3. Delegation: The person who is responsible for the role delegates the tasks.

Example: It’s my responsibility to manage “the kitchen.” It is my son’s role to empty the dishwasher and my daughter’s to clear the table (the manager delegated those tasks)

  1. Relationships vs. Tasks
    1. Relationship: the way in which two or more people or groups regard and behave to each other:
    2. Tasks: a piece of work to be done or undertaken.

Training our kids is a front-end load proposition.  It seems like it's harder at the beginning, but not teaching/training is more difficult in the long run.


1: Housework (THE BASICS)

  • Food and Water:  Planning, Budgeting, Comparison Shopping, Gathering & Storage, Preparing, Serving, Cleanup, Storing leftovers, Festivals & celebrations, Hydration= drinking enough clean water, Vitamins & Supplements, Long term prepping, Gardening & Preserving, 
  • Shelter: Safe & Clean, Comfortable, De-Cluttered, A Place for everything/ everything in its place, Functional for YOUR Family, Regular Maintenance, Upkeep, and upgrading – exterior, landscaping, interior, Zones for Eating, Sleeping, Hygiene, Working Out, Work, School, Rest, Family, Alone, Pets
  • Clothing: Planning/comparison shopping, Gathering, Storing, Cleaning, Laundry- drycleaning, Sorting through, Repairs, Dressing up and special occasion clothing, How to match clothing, Accessories & make-up

Systematize, Prioritize, Determine, and Assign Roles and Responsibilities


Do what you love, and the money will follow. OR  Follow the Money & You’ll be able to do what you LOVE!

  • Career Exploration- 4th IR- lots of job shifts and changes 
  • Preparation & Training- initial and ongoing 
  • Entrepreneurship & Lifestyle of learning is so important
  • Entrepreneurial skills are a MUST 
  • Find a Money Mentor for today’s world

3:  Time and Money

Allocating Resources

  • Budgeting – Keeping track of money/ Spending money
  • Are you getting by or creating wealth?
  • Covering the Basics, Fun Money, Goals –short & long term
  • It’s not how much you make. It’s about how much cash flow you have.

Allocating Time: One of your greatest resources

  • Get out your calendar and Allocate
  • Strategic Block- Delegating Responsibilities-  Management
  • Buffer Block –Small Task
  • Breakout Block- Deep Work- larger task
  • Adjust as Needed

4:  Relational Work: Develop a Sense of Belonging


  • Nuclear
  • Extended
  • Broader Community –faith and local community

Each person's Role in the Family 

  • Hierarchy of Family – birth order
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Looking out after each other

Interpersonal Skills:

  • 3 C’s of Education
  • Communication, Creativity, Critical thinking, Collaboration
  • Oher soft skills

5:  Faith / Work 


  • PERSONAL FAITH DEVELOPMENT: Bible Reading, Prayer, Fasting, Service
  • Communal faith development
  • Family prayer
  • Family Service
  • Family Ministry
  • Family study
  • Study as worship: Languages, Church History, Archeology, Memorizing Scripture, Understanding Genres of the Bible, Biblical Translations vs. paraphrasing

Rythmes and Routines

  • Daily Flow of the Family
  • Establish Weekly and Daily Check-ins: Weekly Family Planning Mtgs, Monthly big picture overview, Weekly Student Planning Mtg –habit training, schedule
  • Daily routines: Morning Meetings, Meals, Chore-Time, Reading, and Study aloud

6. Lifestyle of Learning

Stages of learning

  • Grammar  – Knowledge
  • Logic -Understanding
  • Rhetoric –Wisdom

Active vs Passive Learning

  • The difference between owning ones education vs. being spoon-fed
  • Engage with material, don’t just regurgitate for a test.
  • Feedback loop 
  • Various forms of assessment –Tests, Quizzes, Papers, Projects, Presentations, Group Work

Future Proof Your Kids

Limit Devices- Get OUTSIDE

What do you have in your hand? God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things.


  • Systematize
  • Prioritize
  • Define Roles and Responsibilities

Pro Tip: Spend time on SET UP

  • Utilized your  “maid-servants”: Grocery pick up, Online ordering, Kitchen blender, Online classes, Cleaning service

Hire your kids

Be intentional: What is your Vision and DREAM for homeschooling?

Over plan and then Go with the flow!

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