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Considering hacking college? You’ll want to consider Clep Prep as a tool in your toolkit. Youu many have heard of Clep exams but are not quite sure what they are. I’d like to take a minute to inform you on how this powerful little tool can save you time and money, enrich your homeschool high school and give your student a step up as they move on to higher education. What is a Clep? Clep is short for College Level Examination Program. Cleps tests are a  group of standardized tests created and administered by College Board. Cleps are accepted by over 2900 colleges and universities in lieu of college classes! Students can take Clep exams when they choose. There is no minimum age requirement and the College Board will “save” Clep scores for up to 10 years. That means that a student who has the ability and drive to take an exam can take an exam at say, age 12, and, with a high enough score, count it towards their college credit. It also means that anyone who hasn’t completed college can finish more quickly than a traditional degree might take by Clepping at least some of the required credits.. Some colleges and universities list specific Clep exams that they will accept on their web-site. It’s a safe bet to start with General Education exams such as College Composition, College Algebra, a Social Science such as Psychology or Sociology, and a basic Science exam. Cleps are not necessarily “easy,” anyone can pass them type of tests. I would encourage everyone to study for a Clep exam. You can purchase specific clep test books, or a general Clep Prep test book, or take on-line prep courses, such as what we offer through True North Homeschool Academy. Take free on-line practice tests as well. If you score 50 or above (this is not a percentage based score) then you should be in good shape to pass the Clep exam! Think Cleps are just for a class or two? We have a homeschooled friend who clepped their entire undergraduate degree and paid cash as he went. He is now happily sailing through Medical School! Cleps are for those who want the degree but not the debt, are busy running a business or want to graduate in months instead of years. If you are a college bound student or the parent of a college bound student, make sure to do your homework on Cleps; it could be a valuable part or your plan to get through college without debt! Buy True North’s Clep Prep Bundle and save! You can find out more about Clepping by visiting the College Board.
Lisa Nehring is always on the look-out for a good deal, and believes that parents should approach launching their young adults into the wide world with creativity and pray and students should consider well the rising costs of college.
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